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a new “social” browser that makes it easy to share content

24 mayo, 2021

Sundays are usually very quiet when it comes to news about new companies and services on the Internet. But yesterday’s was different and surprising because it marked the appearance on the market of a new browser, RockMelt, that tries to give it a more social twist to this segment of the market that had been so traditional until now.

RockMelt is based on Chromium And it’s the first project for a Mountain View startup to have the backing of some industry heavyweights, like Marc Andreeseen, who was one of Netscape’s main creators and engineers.

Surely many of you will wonder, and do we really need another browser now? Is there enough market to accommodate all the protagonists? Well, the truth is that over the months we will have answers to those questions, but what RockMelt proposes is a change in how we know browsers so far.

RockMelt: The “pillars” of the browser

RockMelt looks very similar to Google Chrome, but with a couple of additions that are the basis of its existence. As you can see in the presentation video, paths appear on both sides of the window vertical bars that become the center of our experience.

The one on the left is reserved for our main contacts on Facebook, so that we can know at all times who is connected, chat directly with them from the browser bar and to share any type of content with them with a couple of clicks.


The right column works in a similar way, only in this case we can add any feed from RSS, other social networks such as Twitter and direct access to services such as GMail. The interesting thing about these cases is that there is also a notification system so that every time we have a new article, comment on Twitter or e-mail we can see it directly through said bar.

Another way to search and another way to socialize

Another thing that RockMelt performed differently from what we have seen so far are the searches. As you can see in the video, when we search for something, the first 10 results are presented directly to us and when we click on them they will appear in the background, as if it were a kind of preview. This has the advantage that we can surf for those first ten results without having to go back in the browser, but it is also true that Changing the way users search for things on the Internet is very difficult at this point.

In the absence of having the opportunity to prove it personally, the majority of reviews that have appeared so far in the American media affirm that the navigation is very fast and that in that sense it is at the height of its competitors. What remains to be known now is whether users are willing to incorporate a new browser into their day-to-day life and if RockMelt it will take off with forces among all the great ones that surround it.

Of course, the idea is innovative and in these times when For many, the social is essential in their day to day, this type of project is very interesting. At the moment, requests to participate in the private beta are accepted, although yes, one can only sign up for it through Facebook Connect and your profile.

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