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a nice bot so you don’t forget any tweet

27 mayo, 2021

Twitter, which recently received the option to customize its themes and colors in the web version, hosts thousands and thousands of tweets on a daily basis, among which it is easy to get lost. While we can bookmark them or create lists to function as separate timelines, today we come up with the perfect solution for you. do not forget the tweets that we want to remember on a specific date.

Remind Me Tweets is a bot that takes care of remind us, on the date we want, a certain tweet, first giving us a notice about the task to be carried out, and later reminding us of said tweet, with its multimedia content included.

You decide when, and the bot takes care of the rest

Remind Me Tweets

The operation of Remind Me Tweets is quite simple. First, we have to select the tweet that we want to remind us, it could be one of ours or another from some other account that we have seen on the net. The second step is tell the bot that we want it to remind us of the tweet. For this, we only have to ask you (in English, yes). In our case, we have done two tests. In the first, we have asked him to remind us of a tweet in a year, in a rather colloquial way: “remind me 1 year”.

In the second request, where we wanted to see the complete operation of the bot, we asked him to remind us of a tweet in five minutes, “remind me in 5 minutes”, something he has done without minor problem. First, the bot tells us that it will remind us of the tweet, and will take a screenshot, in case, over time, the tweet ends up deleted, the account suspended, or any other unforeseen event.

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Once the agreed time has passed, the bot responds to the same publication in which we have invoked it, indicating that we already have the reminder available (and that you retweet if you liked it, to make it known).

Despite not being very well known (it barely exceeds 3,000 followers on Twitter), it is a very useful bot to remind us of both our own and other people’s tweets, without the need for us to have to save them somewhere, and remember later where it is. we did. The only downside we can get is that screenshots are taken at low resolution, showing quite pixelated the content that our tweet contained. It couldn’t be all perfect with this tool.