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a promising new browser that claims to be “the fastest to work with”

27 mayo, 2021

Safari, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi … the offer and competition in the browser market is tighter than ever. As if that were not enough, now comes a new browser with a powerful promise: “to be the fastest browser built for work.”

Its creators (PushPlayLabs) have dubbed it Sidekick and it is based on Chromium. They assure that it has been specifically designed “to deliver the fastest experience” for work.

Web apps, workspaces and a very promising search engine

Dmitry Pushkarev, CEO of the company, assures that the spark that started this project was to ask “why there are no companies that make browsers that help us to be more productive”, and not the other way around.

Pushkarev adds that “the Average Chrome user always has six tabs open. Sideckick incorporates an artificial intelligence that is responsible for suspending them, so that “you use the same memory if you have 10 or 100 tabs open.”

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Since launch, this browser is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Once we have installed it, the first thing they will ask us is if we want to use it personally or as a team (sharing apps, favorites and even integrated video calls).

A warning for those who are macOS users, Sidekick comes by default with some configured keyboard shortcuts (which is really useful), but it won’t be possible to type “@” unless you change the corresponding shortcut to “alt + 2”.


We can create an account using our Google or Microsoft login or simply use our email. Right after completing it, Sidekick already makes it clear to us what its privacy policies are:

Unlike other browsers, Sidekick doesn’t make money selling your data, ads, or searches.

All your passwords are securely encrypted and stored on your device locally: “we have removed several trackers, and we have incorporated a powerful ad blocker that stops tracking requests to various ad networks.”

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We can also import our favorites and history from another browser, in case we want this transition to be much more comfortable. If we want, we can also import the passwords and leave a series of applications installed in the sidebar.

This sidebar (which we can also find in browsers such as Opera or Vivaldi) is called “Sidebar”, and in it we can install well-known web applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Zoom or Notion. In this way, we can avoid having many tabs open and have these services always at hand.


it’s possible modify many parameters in the settings of these web apps, from changing the icon manually, starting a private session (having several web apps of the same service) or the typical balloons that show us how many notifications we currently have.

The list of applications that comes by default is impressive and, in case we cannot find it, we can easily create a direct link to a website or service that we use regularly.

An interesting point is that we can create workspaces and thus differentiate between (for example) the scenario / apps / settings that you use in your work environment and which ones you use in a more personal one. Of course, for that we will have to pay the Pro plan, which starts at 8 dollars a month.

Sidekick Browser The Fastest Browser Built For Work Product Hunt

To this is also added the ability to create “sessions”. As we work, Sidekick will automatically save our open tabs as a session. From the side panel we can quickly start a session or open all the tabs saved in a certain session.

One of the features that I like the most in this browser is the search engine that comes integrated, which reminds me a lot of tools like Alfred (very popular in macOS).

Sidekick The Fastest Work Environment Ever Made

It doesn’t matter where we are. With a simple keyboard shortcut we can do a search through the apps we have installed, open tabs or workspaces.

As we can see, it is a very complete browser with very interesting features, especially if we take into account that we are facing one of its first versions. I think it’s worth a try or at least keep an eye on it to see how it progresses.