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a simple and fun soccer game that is sweeping the Play Store

25 mayo, 2021

There are several soccer games on Android, although there is one in particular sweeping downloads. This is Mini Football, a game from the popular developer The game accumulates more than a million installations and has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

We are going to tell you how is this game and what are the keys to its success. We already anticipate that it is a simple, free and entertaining proposal, to kill the free time with some games.

Matches of little more than two minutes and a lot of emotion

Image 2020 09 29 10 56 44 The controls are well marked and very intuitive.

One of the strengths of Mini Football is that the matches are quite short, so we can play at practically any time without leaving the game halfway. Once installed, the game occupies a little more than 270 megabytes, so it is not too light, although it is not an excessively heavy proposal.

The graphics are very simple, but neat. We can enjoy the game on practically any range of phones

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At the graphics level they are quite simple, so We can play on mid-range and entry-level mobiles without too many problems, since it is not very demanding. The first thing we will have to do is the tutorial, where they will teach us how to move, make passes, shoot at the door, change players and more.

Image 2020 09 29 10 56 47 The template can be modified to taste as we progress through the game.

Once the tutorial is done, we can start playing. We play against botsAlthough the game tries to simulate that we are playing against real players. The game controls are very simple, with well defined virtual buttons. The difficulty will increase as we progress through the matches, as we will level up.

We will gradually earn gold and rewards to level up the team, which we will be able to improve by changing, signing players, improving them and customizing them. The game is completely free, although it has in-app purchases.

Mini Football

Mini Football