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a six-second ad you can’t skip

27 mayo, 2021

If you usually consume videos on YouTube, you will have seen advertisements of all kinds: longer, shorter, in banner format, as a video before the content … Today a new format is added to all of them: the bumper, an advertising video of only six seconds, which can be contracted through AdWords, and which for its duration is specially designed for its use on mobile. Because, furthermore, there is no possibility of skip it.

According to a Google statement, a recent study has shown that half of users between 18 and 49 years old have a mobile phone as first device to consume video, before the computer or the TV. In fact, only on mobile, YouTube reaches more people in this sector of the population than any television network in the United States. And this new advertising format is nothing more than Google (in this case, YouTube) adapting to the new ways to consume content of your audience.

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Given its short duration, Google comments in its statement that the bumpers they are ideal to use within the framework of an advertising campaign larger that encompasses other formats, such as small information pills that, in their first tests, have worked very well for refresh the image of the promoted product, raise awareness of the brand and improve the opinion about it.

This early phase of testing, carried out in collaboration with brands such as the production company Atlantic Records or the car manufacturer Audi, also served to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new format in scope and frequency, especially when combined with long-term ads. As an example, this 45-second Audi TrueView campaign was divided into several bumpers (like this one or this other) focused on different elements of the ad, which in the end as a whole gave better result than each of the formats separately. Although logically the fact that it is impossible to skip it contribute a little.

In Google’s words, bumpers they would be something like “video ad haikus”. This new advertising format will be available from May, at which time interested brands can manage their hiring through their Google sales representative.

Via | Google Inside AdWords
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