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a Spanish application to skip the queue when ordering food in locals

27 mayo, 2021

In these times of COVID-19, reservations to make any type of order and queues are the order of the day. A team of Spanish developers has created Yump, an application with the purpose of skipping the queues at the time of picking up the food that we have ordered somewhere.

We are going to tell you how the application works, what its expansion plans are and what it offers to consumers. In short it is a good initiative that is having a quite remarkable acceptance.

This is how Yump works

Yump Interface1

Yump’s interface is pretty neat. We have a main section of ‘Explore’, in which they appear the restaurants and places that are close to us. We can click on any of them to see the menu, in the style of Just Eat or Glovo. Once we are clear about what we want to order, we can make the payment through the application in a few seconds.

Yump is not an app to order at home. It is designed so that, when we want or have to pick up locally, we do not have to stand in line

The difference is that we do not do home delivery here. What we do is leave paid for the food that we are going to collect and save the queue when we go for it. This is to avoid crowds and waiting in establishments.

The promise of the new generation of food delivery apps: eat much cheaper than at the restaurant

Apart from this, the application rewards users through a point system that we can later exchange for free products. It is striking that we can share our activity with the app so that people know where and what we have bought. This will allow us to get an idea of ​​the products and restaurants that work best in the city where we are.

For the moment Jump It is a new project that is working in Seville and that today has arrived in Madrid. However, it is promised that it will eventually reach more cities in our country.