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A Streetview player lets you travel without leaving home

21 mayo, 2021

Streetview is one of the most impressive features of Google Maps, being able to see what a route looks like from the comfort of our computer or mobile device.

This web page allows us to enter a route from Google Maps and automatically reproduce all the way in Streetview, looking like we are traveling from a tab in our browser.

The operation is super simple, since We will only have to choose a point of origin and a destination. It will automatically load the route in Streetview and we will be able to see, step by step, the path that we would have to do.

We have the possibility to modify some Advanced Options. One of the interesting points is that we can upload a file with coordinates, although what I liked the most is uploading the FPS (frames per second) and making the travel go much faster.

Ideal to teach your friends a route that they do not know.

We can also indicate if the route we want to do walking, cycling or driving. I think another amazing aspect of this website is that it allows us to download a GIF with the result. This is ideal if you want to tell someone where you live and which route to take (for example, if you live in a village far from an urban center).

I think it has many possibilitiesBoth to have fun watching how you travel from one point of the planet to another, as if you want to use it to avoid having to give a lot of explanations to someone before a trip.

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