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a website to watch movies and series online without any advertisement or registration involved

25 mayo, 2021

If you know where to look, it is not very difficult to find sites like Megadede and the like to watch movies and series online, what is extremely easy is that one day you will find that one of those websites has disappeared, so having a long list of alternatives is never too much.

The other thing that is usually common is that many of these websites are crammed with ads or that they ask you for some type of registration to access the content. None of those things happen with MovieGaga and that is why I have decided to share it with you.

The web is extremely simple and is entirely dedicated to content. There you get a list with the most popular and seen of the week, there are also suggestions of things to see, and the latest releases in both film and television.

The best cinema websites where you can watch movies for free


Streaming with option to download

Free Movies Online

All content is hosted on external sites and everything you try to see will offer you at least one alternate server in case the upload fails. Depending on the server the player will also vary, some have picture in picture mode and others do not, for example.

You also have several options to change playback speed, and turn CC subtitles on or off. The only detail that may be a problem for many is that they only offer subtitles for the deaf in English, but if that is not an impediment for you, it is an excellent website to bookmark.

The other option is that many of the videos have a download button (which does not always work at all) and that allows you to store content locally. All the content is well organized, each movie page has an option to watch trailers, and the series have links below to go to the next episodes.