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Access QR code content from your desktop with QR Code Desktop Reader

25 mayo, 2021

Although QR codes are usually used more in physical places, sometimes we can also find them on websites. In those moments, we either pull the mobile to see what it contains or we use some tool that allows us to “decipher” it from the desktop. A while ago, we brought you one of them in the form of an extension for Chrome. Now, we will see another one for Windows but in the form of a program: QR Code Desktop Reader.

QR Code Desktop Reader is a program that allows us to read a QR code that we have on the screen or that we keep in an image file. In the second case, the operation is simple: we just load the image into the program and it will show us its content.

As for those that we have on the screen (on a web, for example) first, we leave the QR in view. Then, we go to the program, click on “From screen” and the program will be minimized so that we can make a code capture. In either case, we can save the result within a plain text file or copy it to the clipboard by means of a button.

A useful program to use it possibly in very rare cases, true, but it is worth having on hand if we are one of those who get curious when they present us with something hidden under a QR code. It works on all Windows from XP to 8 and is completely free.

Via | Life Rocks 2.0
Download | QR Code Desktop Reader