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Action Launcher 3 for Android, now with Material Design and more customization

26 mayo, 2021

Developer Chris Lacy completely revamps his app launcher Action Launcher with your update to the version 3.0, in which all the code has been rewritten to improve performance and to redesign its interface.

Action Launcher 3 now it has an interface Material Design, copying the design of the Google Now Launcher but adding much more customization thanks to the new Quicktheme feature.

Action Launcher 3

With Quicktheme we can change launcher interface colors selecting the one we like the most among those available or using some of its themes. They allow us to change the color of the search box, the background of the application drawer, of the folders and of its Quickdrawer quick application launcher.

This new version of Action Launcher 3 Covers (flick to an app widget) and Shutters (flick to a hidden folder) work much better. In the following video we see the new version and its features underway:

Action Launcher 3 It is free to download but to use many of its features you have to pay 3.99 euros. By paying we can use the theme that adjusts the colors of the launcher depending on the wallpaper, we can change the colors separately, use the Shutters, create infinite folders and hide applications.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher Version 3.0

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