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[Actualizado] How to test the 280 characters of Twitter right now

27 mayo, 2021

A few hours ago, Twitter announced a change that could be the biggest since its inception: the arrival of 280 characters. The platform doubles the amount, being a measure that has caught many by surprise.

Anyway, this functionality not yet active for all users, since only some lucky ones they have been selected to carry out the pertinent tests. Luckily (for those who are more impatient), there is a way to try it right now.

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How to Tweet 280 Characters Right Now

Thanks to the Twitter user @ Prof9 we can install a script which lets us tweet 280 characters right now. Hopefully Twitter doesn’t implement a way to block it before this functionality reaches all users.

In order to publish a tweet with 280 characters, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Download Tampermonkey for your browser (at the top you will see some tabs for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Go to this Github page and click on “Raw” to install the script
  3. Finally, we will only have to make sure that the script is active in Tampermonkey and publish a tweet from the web version of Twitter

Thus, when you go to the web version of Twitter, you can tweet up to 280 characters without problem. The limit of 140 will appear, but you will see that it never decreases and it will warn you that you have reached the limit when the classic letters appear in red.

It must be made clear that this is an “experimental” measure, and it is not clear if they will end up implementing it permanently. I imagine that it will depend on the good or bad reception it has among the majority of users.

Updated: As we suspected, Twitter has blocked the script that allowed us to publish 280 characters. As we see in the image below, now we get a message that encourages us to “be more ingenious”.


It is likely that the developer of the script will update it and make it work again, but for now we can only wait to find out what the platform will do with this new functionality.

280 characters from TweetDeck


We just discovered an extension for Google Chrome that allows to enable tweets of 280 characters in TweetDeck. As in the previous example, the countdown will only appear when we have exceeded the first 140 characters.

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