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Adblock Plus joins the blockade of cryptocurrency mining

26 mayo, 2021

The theme of the websites that use your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrencies it is one with nuances. On the one hand it sounds like a good alternative to advertising, if you want to collaborate with a website, lend some of your CPU juice to mine instead of seeing ads.

However, practices such as those implemented by The Pirate Bay of doing it without asking permission or warning, demonstrate the huge potential for abuse that exists, so users have to resort to alternatives to protect themselves. This is where Adblock Plus comes in.

How to buy Bitcoins safely and without risk

If you are already an Adblock Plus user you can add your own filter to block scripts like Coinhive, the most popular for mining Monero that is being used by The Pirate Bay and malicious Chrome extensions.

Adblock Plus configuration

In chrome, right click on the extension button in the top menu and then on Setting.

Adblock Plus Options

Then select the tab Add your filters and in the field paste the following: Then click on the button Add filter, and you are ready.

In firefox write about:addons in the address bar and then click the button Options together with Adblock Plus.

Add-on manager

In the next menu look for the option Filter preferences, in the new window click on the tab custom filters, create a new group and add the filter

Adblock Plus Filter Preferences 2017 09 22 16 23 49

If you do not use Adblock Plus or are interested, you have extensions like NoCoin that prevent a website from using your computer to mine cryptocurrencies and you do not have to configure anything.

Via | VentureBeat
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