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AdnStream, intelligent online video player

23 mayo, 2021

AdnStream is a new Hispanic project belonging to Javier Sánchez, tv presenter of programs on new technologies such as interneox, in the case of a smart online video player, where users, during registration, will mark a series of categories of the videos in which they are interested to see as well as a series of tags.

In this way, and occupying the entire browser window, the player will show a series of videos that users will evaluate according to their tastes and preferences, having the possibility of being viewed in full screen on your monitors in 4: 3 and 16: 9 formats. In addition, the player controls will be inside the video, disappearing shortly after moving the mouse. An interesting thing about this player is the lightness with which it plays videos, compared to YouTube and the like.

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And by moving the mouse, we will see not only the player controls appear, since we also find three tabs, which will allow us to see videos from their HD channels, to navigate through the categories to view their videos and navigate our DNA.

In the end, despite playing the videos without the cuts that occur in video hosting systems, I have observed some series of problems when playing certain videos, with what remains to improve the DNA of the algorithm of this system that, everything has to be said, it is a smart video player, it is not a social network, limiting ourselves to training the system on our profile and, depending on this, show us videos.

Via | Loogic Link | AdnStream