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Advanced System Care, an excellent alternative for the maintenance of our equipment

24 mayo, 2021

I recognize it. I am a fan of equipment maintenance and optimization programs. I like to try different alternatives to be able to compare. See what features they offer us and always have a second opinion. This has led me to meet Advanced System Care, an excellent alternative for the maintenance of our equipment. I don’t know if to compete from you to you with TuneUp, the favorite of many, but if to propose the alternative.

And this program comes standard with one of the favorite options for most users of this type of application. A automated maintenance scheduled task that takes care of performing the most common tasks to try to return teams to their best performance. In this case, we just have to press the option Care! to run such maintenance.

But also we offers more additional functionalities. We can find the options that allow us to use the program grouped into three main areas: Windows cleaning, prevention and improvement, and utilities. We are going to see each of them in a little more detail.

  • Windows Cleanup that will help us to keep our system free of spyware and adware, to keep the system registry clean, as well as to eliminate temporary files and Internet histories that are left by different programs. It is about eliminating everything that could hinder the operation of the system.
  • Prevention and improvement which also focuses on finding solutions to possible security problems such as hijacked, or spyware. It also looks for the best configuration for our system and helps us to defragment the disk for a better performance of the computer.
  • Utilities where we can find from the secure deletion of files or directory to add-ons to make our computers perform better while we run a game, such as GameBooster. On some occasion we will need to download the add-on to be able to run the utility, as in the case of GameBooster or Smart Defrag.

It also offers us alternatives in the security tab to be able to do backup of our drivers or create system restore points. Finally, in the tab in this section we can find utilities to find duplicate files, uninstall programs or applications, manage the programs that run on Windows startup, or offer us complete system information, among other options.

Advanced System Care Utilities

There is a free version of this program It has all the functionalities that we have discussed, but if you also want more functionality or more alternatives in the configuration, we must go to the paid version. This version allows us to define the optimization according to different team profiles, whether this is basic, to play or to act as a server, for example. It also performs a cleaning or troubleshooting in greater detail. The paid version costs just over 12 euros.

I recognize that this type of program can be very useful to go keeping our system in tip-top shape. You also have to know that they are very “scandalous” in the detection of problems, since when performing the scan it usually detects an almost infinite number of things to improve. Many times it is not so serious, other times it will significantly improve the performance of our system.

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