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AEMET weather app receives a complete face lift

27 mayo, 2021

Normally if you want to receive a forecast about the weather of a region, the most reliable option is to turn to the authority of the country. In Spain, this responsibility falls on the AEMET, the Meteorology Statal Agency, and fortunately they have an application for Android.

So far everything normal. The official AEMET weather application includes, as expected, a good number of data and information of its own that you will not find in more general applications, but with a downside: it had an interface that only a mother could want. Now the app has completely renovated all its appearance to better adapt to the new times.

The redesign affects all sections of the application (also the web version), which goes from being a moment of past times to an application with a acceptable design, which is not excellent or really noteworthy. The icons are not very inspired, including the one for the application itself, but at least it is an improvement over previous versions.


Of course, there is nothing written about tastes, and in Google Play some users have already complained that they don’t like the redesign For reasons such as that the hourly forecast does not indicate the wind or that the transparencies imply a lower contrast in the image, making it more difficult to see for people with vision problems.

AEMET time

AEMET timetwo

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