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all about the new game bar and how to customize it

27 mayo, 2021

The arrival of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update has brought us some interesting news to the table, in general it has been a complete quality update that has improved a few familiar elements of Windows.

One of those elements is the game bar or “game bar” that we can use to record our gameplay when we play a video game. We talked about its news in April, when it was announced for Insiders, and now it lets us do many more things, how to control our music and chat on Xbox Live.

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How to activate the game bar

The game bar can be activated at any time, you do not need to be playing to access it. You just have to press Windows key + G and your new floating interface will appear immediately.

New Game Bar Windows 10 2 What will appear the first time you open the new Windows 10 game bar

Before, the game bar was just some recording controls, now it’s a mini desktop with widgets specialized, which you can customize to your liking.

For example, it offers you the wonderful possibility to control the volume of the device without having to go to the desktop by pressing ALT + TAB. You can even change the audio outputs and control the volume for each application.

Widgets are the best part

Game Bar Windows 10

The most important thing about this new game bar are its widgets, and the ones it includes at the moment are quite useful. We have a Spotify widget that shows the current song and lets you control the music playback without ever having to leave the full screen of your video game.

We have an Xbox Live widget in which our friends list appears and from where we can send messages to our contacts, create group chats or start a voice chatAll while our game is still in the background. In fact, even when we are not playing, if someone responds to an Xbox Live chat, the game bar will show you a notification.

The Xbox Live widget also lets you search and add other players, change your status if you want to appear offline or online, and manage your service notifications. Just as you can pin the contact window to the game bar, you can also pin the chat window.

Game Bar Windows 10 Clear

Of course there is a widget for everything that has to do with broadcasting and capturing, in it you can activate or deactivate your microphone during recordings or broadcasts and you can also take quick screenshots that are automatically saved.

Further down the audio widget, you will see a performance widget with current GPU and RAM usage. Unfortunately for some, we do not have a CPU temperature one, which would be quite useful for many gamers.

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Plenty of customization options

All these widgets can be activated and deactivated from the top bar where the time appears. Although if you click on the title bar of any widget, you can move it to any section of the screen, you can delete them by clicking on the “x”, or you can fix them by clicking on the pin icon.

Screenshot 20

You can connect your Xbox Live, Twitter, Spotify and Mixer accounts to take full advantage of the bar’s functions. You can also configure keyboard shortcuts to your liking, and even how the Xbox controller behaves.

You can change the theme of the game bar according to the Windows theme or to your liking between light and dark at any time. And you can mark that the game is always recorded in the background while you play.

Where you have to pay attention is the compatibility of games with this barBecause it happens that many games by the simple fact of pressing the keyboard shortcut with the Windows key, go to the desktop. If your game has options for not responding to the home key, it is recommended that you enable them. The other alternative is to change it to borderless full screen mode in the video options. or change the keyboard shortcut that activates the bar and voila.