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all new vehicles in the GTA Online DLC listed pixiegames

4 julio, 2021

The long-awaited DLC for Grand Theft Auto is here, and that means a ton of new GTA Casino cars to add to your exclusive new garage. As you may know from the launch trailer, and its opening moments in this flashy new hangout for the super rich, Diamond Casino in the latest DLC for open-world sandbox game caters only to the best of the best. Or, should we say, the richest of the richest.

In other words, the new GTA casino vehicles are not exactly going to be aimed at the average Fiat punter; The following wheel sets are the ultra-premium hypercars with ridiculous engines for tycoons who have swallowed the high price of the GTA casino, put it all in the red, and won. These are the GTA casino cars that we can only dream of getting our hands on, which is why we’re going to spend cash, complete GTA casino missions, or risk it all at Diamond Casino and Resort. Obviously, we go with the latter.

Naturally, you will need a place to store all your new attractions away from the envious eyes in the GTA casino update, so you must get a VIP membership to this gambling paradise to get your own personal garage. You get this by getting the luxurious and spacious Master Penthouse, which is a freebie if you link your Rockstar account with your Twitch Prime account. Anyway, enough is enough – here are all the GTA casino cars that you can drive as part of the new update.

List of all GTA casino cars

The following information comes from Bong55555 on reddit. Only six of the following 22 GTA casino vehicles are active in the game at the time of this writing, including the GTA Truffade Thrax casino. When it comes to these luxury engines, you may have a better chance of getting them with a spin of the lucky wheel, unless you really are very wealthy. Anyway, here are all the cars in the GTA Online casino that you can get and how much they cost.

These are the cars available at launch:

Name Location Price
Truffade Thrax Legendary motorsport $ 2,575,000
Weeny Issi Sport South San Andreas $ 897,000
Annis S80RR Legendary motorsport $ 2,575,000
Enus Paragon R Legendary motorsport $ 905,000
Obey 8F Drafter Legendary motorsport $ 718,000
Caracara Vapid 4X4 South San Andreas $ 875,000

Here are the next attractions:

  • Zion 3
  • Zorruso
  • Gauntlet 3
  • Dynasty
  • Emerus
  • Gauntlet 4
  • Thug
  • Jugular
  • Locust
  • Krieger
  • Nebula
  • Novak
  • Neo
  • Paragon 2
  • Rrocket
  • Peyote2
  • S80

Here’s a sneak peek at what the not-yet-available wheels look like. Although, it will probably take some time to generate the necessary funds for the ready-to-buy ones, so get ready for some gigantic sessions at the high-limit tables.

And there you have it, all the GTA Online casino cars added to the game with the latest Happy Gaming update. If you are having a hard time finding the place, by the way, here is the GTA casino location. If you got over that first hurdle and spent many, many minutes finding all the GTA casino card locations, we wish you the best of luck at the tables and avoid the especially nasty Texan gangsters.

all new vehicles in the GTA Online DLC listed pixiegames