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all you can do with your voice

26 mayo, 2021

After several months of waiting, Google Assistant integration in Google Maps is real, which means that we can finally use the Google assistant and ask for information only with our voice from the maps application of the big G itself without leaving navigation.

Although those in Mountain View announced it at the 2018 Google I / O Annual Developers Conference last May, the reality is that until now both applications worked separately. That is, we could ask Google Assistant for traffic information or the best route to get to any place and the assistant would send us the data without opening Maps. The union between the two will make navigation from now on it will be much simpler and, above all, much safer.

13 TRICKS to get the MOST out of GOOGLE MAPS

“OK Google”, take me to work

Google Maps Google Assistant

As simple as that. It will be enough to invoke the assistant with the usual “OK Google” and ask him, for example, to take you to work. Of course, remember that for this, you must previously have your workplace configured in Google Maps. No need to touch the screen at any time, the wizard will show you a small preview with the map and the established route to the chosen place. You will then open Google Maps to start navigation.

The assistant will show you a small preview with the map and the established route to the chosen place

From now on, you can ask Google Assistant for almost anything without leaving Maps. You can ask you for the best route to get to a place, the closest supermarket, the traffic there is or the estimated time to get to any place, and even send the time remaining to the destination to your friends. If the route he offers you does not convince you, you can ask him to show you alternatives to get there.

Answer messages and play music with your voice

Whatsapp Mobile

Beyond the navigation itself, from the Maps app itself, you can answer voice messages, ask Assistant to play you music or listen to podcasts. For now, these tasks are in Spanish, although the list in English is more extensive and it is hoped that it will be expanded to Spanish little by little.

Google Assistant is now available within Google Maps for iOS

Until now, when we used Google Maps and went to use any other application, the first one was minimized with the Picture in Picture (PIP) mode. Now everything will be integrated into the Google Maps navigation screen. For example, if you are using Google Maps and you want to make a phone call, you can ask Google Assistant and it will get to work without having to show you the phone marker.

Android, one step ahead

But the integration goes much further, at least for Android users, since Assistant will be able to read and send text messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Hangouts, Android Messages or Viver without leaving the app.

Assistant arrives at CES loaded with news, the instant translator for Google Home among them

The Google Assistant is already operational in more than 30 languages ​​and 80 countries. Among the new functions presented in the framework of the CES held in Las Vegas, it is now capable of scoring, which will allow us to send clearer messages when we are driving and using Google Maps.