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allows the creation of routes and tours of our favorite places

26 mayo, 2021

For many people the favorite application of Google is Gmail, for other people it is Google Maps, but in my case I have to admit that my weakness is Google Earth. By hundreds I could count the hours I spend in front of the Google app, a utility that now updates to make it even more addictive.

And is that the company based in “Mountain View” has updated Google Earth with a series of features that give it even more potential. Improvements that make it easier for us to share with our contacts those places that, for one reason or another, attract us the most through projects that we can then represent as virtual routes … or almost.

Share tours

Earth 2

Now Google has added improvements to Google Earth in the web version: new functions that, among other things, allow us to create a kind of 3D multimedia presentation of those places that we mark on a map. Monuments, natural environments, restaurants … almost any place can have a place in this new feature that Google Earth already offers.

Earth 3

Just open the side menu on the left of the screen and press the button “Projects”. A new screen opens on the left in which we can create all the projects we want and in each of them add sites or routes of interest that can then be shown dynamically if we click on the button “Presentation”.

Earth 5

We can even add to people to collaborate in the creation of projects, which can also be used as Google Drive to facilitate third-party access to it.

Earth 6

Also stories

In the same way They have added a mode they call “Stories”. A kind of complement to the “Voyager” mode that Google Earth already has, although in this case instead of proposing specific points or areas, what they offer are a series of predefined routes, similar to the projects that we can create, with the to start a tour of landmarks in a certain area.

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The objective of these tools that Google Earth releases is none other than facilitate content creation and expand sharing possibilities a tour. Features that for now are only available in the web version.

Via | The Verge
Source | Google