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allows you to register in the Cl @ ve system by video call

25 mayo, 2021

Citizens’ relations with the administration are not being easy in this context of health crisis, state of alarm and mobility limitations, therefore, the Tax agency has been adopting new procedures for the past few weeks. The last, attention by video call.

Specifically, The Spanish Treasury has enabled Zoom video call verification to register in the Cl @ ve system from a mobile phone and to modify the associated telephone number from any other device. Cl @ ve is a means of identification when carrying out procedures such as the application for the Minimum Living Income or the request for working life, for example.

The procedure consists of carrying out a video call through Zoom with an operator of the Tax Agency


This is how Zoom video calls work with the Tax Agency

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The Tax Agency explains on the web page dedicated to this assistance route that the service is available both from a computer with camera, microphone and speakers or helmet, as well as from a smartphone or tablet.

When a person accesses the service from their device, the necessary Zoom software will be downloaded automatically, although it is recommended to have it previously installed by downloading it from this website of the company dedicated to the AEAT.

The procedure, once the necessary applications are installed, It will consist of carrying out a video call with an operator of the tax authority.

Before being able to carry out any procedure, we will need to identify ourselves by showing our ID to the operator that attends us so that he can carry out the appropriate checks

Photo 2020 06 10 10 52 57 Registration by video call through the mobile application of the Cl @ ve system.

How to register in the Cl @ ve de Hacienda system and carry out procedures online without DNIe or digital certificate

The user will access a waiting room in which they will remain while an interlocutor is assigned and, when this happens after a waiting period that will be indicated, You must show your ID to the camera so that the operator can see it and properly verify your identity.

After identification, you can proceed to register in the Cl @ ve system or change the linked mobile phone following the steps indicated by the Tax Agency worker. In the case of registering in Cl @ ve via video call, the procedure starts simply and automatically through the system’s mobile application, when the platform detects that we are not registered, once we enter our ID and the validity date.

The video assistance service is open from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. On Friday from 09:00 to 14:00.

The questioned Zoom reaches the administration

It so happens that Zoom, despite being one of the clear winners of the health crisis, has been harshly criticized for not offering true end-to-end encryption in his video calls, although does offer AES256 encryption.

The platform has recently bought Keybase, to improve its security, and has ensured that it will encrypt end-to-end communications, but not free video calls. Despite everything, and its widespread use even in politics, there are still recommendations such as that of the CCN-CERT, the Spanish cybersecurity body dependent on the CNI, which a few weeks ago advised against the use of Zoom for meetings in which sensitive information is handled.