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Amazon launches Amazon Coins in Spain, its own currency for in-app purchases

27 mayo, 2021

From the initial launch of your app store, Amazon has always wanted to offer a service with high added value, mainly so that Kindle Fire users do not feel the need to complicate their lives with services like Google Play. Between the free application of the day and the constant offers they make for special occasions, they are getting enough notoriety, but now there is a new addition that has been waiting for a long time.

Today Amazon has introduced in its European application stores, including the Spanish one, a new form of payment that will facilitate the power to make application purchases, the Amazon Coins. You don’t have much more mystery apart from being another way of representing the money it will cost to get a certain product within applications, usually games.

The value they are going to have is that of € 1 for 100 Amazon Coins, but nevertheless the price to buy Amazon Coins is less, staying is € 9 to buy 1000 of these coins. However, this will not affect the money that a developer receives when the purchase of an application is made, Amazon assuming the difference.

To promote this product they are going to give away up to 1000 Amazon Coins per user. For this, everyone who has linked a Kindle Fire to their Amazon account will receive 500 coins, while those who download any application will receive 500 coins, even if they register today. It is great news to be able to get applications in more ways, although it should be confirmed if they can be purchased in stores through codes printed on cards.

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