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Amazon Pantry says goodbye in Spain on June 30, but its best-selling products will reach Amazon

26 mayo, 2021

Amazon is reporting today that it is closing Amazon Pantry, its alternative to the traditional supermarket. The platform will no longer be available in Spain, Germany, France and Italy from 11:59 p.m. next June 30, that is, within a month and three days from the publication of this article.

Amazon has also reported that Most of Amazon Pantry’s best-selling products will be available on the current website “shortly”. According to the company, shipments will be faster and there will be no minimum purchase cost. Of course, in all these cases it refers to customers with the Amazon Prime subscription.

In United States, Amazon Pantry was temporarily closed in March, and it goes on like this, temporarily. In Spain it was not known what would happen, but the truth is that the volume of orders has been very high. All this has generated, for example, that the company had to hire 100,000 additional workers in the United States.


Amazon reminds us that on the normal web it already sells food and household products

Amazon pantry

Along with the confirmation that “most of the best-selling products on Amazon Pantry will soon be available on,” lThe company remembers on the website where it has announced the goodbye of Pantry that today, on its main website you can already buy many products.

Among the categories, food, beverages, home care, care and beauty, babies and pets stand out. Pantry’s advantage so far over regular Amazon was that they had their logo and were shipped separately so you didn’t have to mix it up.

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Yes indeed, shipping costs were paid below purchases of 90 euros, which is now eliminated and will not apply in the future on Amazon. We look forward to how the service will continue to function in the sense of shipping logistics.