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Amazon’s most hilarious 11,000 euro Swiss Army knife

27 mayo, 2021

Opinions are one of the pillars of e-commerce. Walking into an online store, looking at a product, and taking a look at its reviews is a staple for most shoppers. Despite the fact that we sometimes know that not all comments are true and that, at the moment of truth, the negative ones are usually the most common because complaining is part of the human condition.

However, in a somewhat predictable turn of events, an internet sales giant, Amazon, has become an open mic for apprentice comedians. It accumulates a large number of comments on certain products that, despite being as debatable in terms of veracity as the reviews that were bought on Facebook, make us more than smile.

Amazon Es Wenger Swiss Army Knife Google Chrome 2

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The self-proclaimed “largest Swiss army knife in the world” accumulates dozens of comments and questions of great hilarity

To prove this peculiar phenomenon, the evaluations and questions received by an article as particular as a Swiss army knife with more than a hundred functions for just over 11,000 euros, shipping costs apart.


“Oh razor, my razor”

Entry 2019 12 16 164 936 It has so many functions that it can even help you with agreements for the Government of Spain, solve Dieselgate and serve as a telephone spam blocker.

“I found an industrial engineer from the Wenger company in the razor”

Entry 2019 12 16 164 730 This user says that he noticed the presence of an engineer from the company that manufactures this knife when using the demolishing crane that it incorporates, listening to his cries for help in German and finding him thanks to the soccer field spotlight that he also has; problems and solutions without leaving the razor.

“The built-in particle accelerator needs revision”

Entry 2019 12 16 165 105 It cannot do ‘science’ because “science doesn’t do it alone there.”

“It’s actually very manageable.”

Entry 2019 12 16 165 053 In a 25-liter backpack it fits without problem, assures this user on the 1.2-kilo knife, and on top of it there is still room for a few energy bars. We imagine that to nourish yourself with energy in order to sustain it when you need to use it …

“It has a delivery van inside”

Entry 2019 12 16 164 754 “The perfect packaging as always,” says this user, who specifies the existence of 15 or 20 extra packages in case we need to send something protected, as well as the presence on the knife of a delivery van. Hopefully it’s the kind that doesn’t make you wait all day at home!

“I’m going straight to hyperspace”

Entry 2019 12 16 164 810 2 If you were looking for a pocket knife for your field trips, congratulations. According to this user, now in addition to being able to cut the bread to make a chorizo ​​sandwich, you can travel into space and put aside those lost towns that you arrive as just another Sunday.

“I live in a game of constant Saw”

Entry 2019 12 16 165 018 Not everything was going to be good reviews …

“Quite ergonomic”

Entry 2019 12 16 164 956 She says that this pocket knife is ergonomic and fits perfectly in the hand, although be careful not to hug friends with it in your pants: you can end up removing a bone from your friends’ leg with pliers.

“Includes a basic Terminator model”

Annotation 2019 12 16 171343 “Why won’t they include a terminator?”, This user asked himself every time he saw a new knife launched on the market. Well, it is celebrating because, finally, this knife incorporates one. “Although it is a basic model,” he warns.

“I haven’t had time to test the tent or the redwood saw.”

Annotation 2019 12 16 171343 Although this user has not yet had time to test the tent or the redwood saw that incorporates this Swiss innovation, he uses everything that the built-in sofa can while claiming to wait for the Putin 2.0 update. The name promises.