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an alternative dock for Windows and macOS that helps you switch super fast between your favorite apps

24 mayo, 2021

While Windows 10 has a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts and features specially designed to dominate your workspaces and be more productive, there is no denying that there are so many options that sometimes it is quite difficult to remember. what combination of keys does each thing Unless we use it daily.

Many of us make constant use of the famous ALT + TAB to switch between active windows, it is fast and quite efficient. If you like that feature, you probably like this one little tool called Switch.

Switch is an open source project hosted on GitHub and you can you can download the version of the app for Windows completely free, the application for macOS is still in development, but they promise that it will arrive soon.

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App dock and changer

Windows 10 Dock

Switch is extremely simple, it only has two functions: that of an alternative dock and that of an application changer. Once you install it it will add a small empty dock with only eight spaces available.

To these spaces you can add the shortcuts of your favorite applications, either by dragging the access from the desktop or by clicking on the “+” icon and searching in the directories of your applications.

Each dock icon corresponds to a keyboard shortcut: ALT + 1, ALT + 2, ALT + 3, etc. Use the ALT key for the convenience of using the shortcut on either side of the keyboard. In the configuration you can choose some settings such as:

  • If you want the dock to be hidden automatically
  • If you want that when bringing an app to the front with its shortcut, it is seen in a maximized window
  • If you want the dock to be on the right or left

If you are one of those with a small group of select apps that you constantly change between, this quick-change mini dock can come in handy. Or, you can always use one of the new Windows 10 PowerToys.