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an app that notifies about the rain in real time and with great precision

25 mayo, 2021

There are many weather applications, most of them focused on showing us what the weather forecast will be for the next few days. However, we already know that the meteorology is not very accurate, and that we may take some other surprises. If we want to know with exact precision if it is going to rain or if it is raining in our area and, in addition, receive alarms in real time, we must use one of the best applications in this field: Rain Alarm.

It is a more than useful application to receive alerts on our mobile when the rains approach our city. These alarms arrive in real time, so we can be informed at all times about the exact weather of the area we want to know about. We will show you how this app works and how to use it to get very accurate information about the weather.

This is Rain Alarm, the app that warns us in real time about the weather

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The usual thing with weather apps is that show the forecast for the week. However, this can vary and even change on the day itself. The only way to know exactly if it is going to rain or not is observe the air masses that haunt the peninsula, to know if, literally, there are masses of rain in our area or not. Knowing these masses allows us to know exactly where and when it rains, much more precisely than with a usual forecast.

Rain Alarm shows us a satellite view of the rain masses in real time, which allows an excellent degree of precision

This is what the Rain Alarm is capable of displaying. The application shows us a map of the world, although it allows us to focus on our current location. This map shows us rain masses in real time, shown in different colors based on whether it is raining more or less. Thanks to this we can even get to know if it is raining on a street in your town or not, since we have both the map and the graphic representation of the rain.

The best applications to check the weather from your mobile

In our experience the application is very exact, and has as its main advantage a complete customizable notification system, to receive notifications about the rain at the time we want. Thus, if it rains in our area or there is some kind of alert planned, we will be notified automatically.

Rain alarm

Rain alarm