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an independent cinema platform where you can watch more than a thousand movies for free in HD streaming

27 mayo, 2021

If you already have your favorite platforms to watch movies and series online, it is most likely that these are the best known, and therefore they usually have content mainstream or popular. Now, if you are interested in expanding your horizons a bit and giving the indie movies, you may be interested in Filmocracy.

This is a new little platform for movie streaming supported by ads and in which you will find a library of more than 1000 movies that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

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Gamified movie streaming

Screely The player is quite simple and supports streaming up to 1080p

In addition to the independent film issue, one way Filmocracy seeks to differentiate itself is by offering an additional layer of gamification of the content they offer. How? you may wonder, it is relatively simple:

In Filmocracy users can earn certain rewards for watching and rating the movies they’ve seen. Those rewards can be used for things as mundane as improving your avatar, or for more tangible things like winning movie tickets or even gift cards.

10% of all site revenue will be shared among the most active users rating movies

Not only that, the platform has also decided share 10% of your earnings each month with the most active users, that is, those who leave more reviews of the movies. Something that can be followed from each user’s profile and public leaderboards.

In order to use the service you have to register with your email address and you will need to provide a phone number in order to receive a confirmation code that will allow you to activate your account. Unfortunately this is not optional.

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The second thing to keep in mind is that before each movie you will see an ad, the site will not work if you have an active adblocker. If you don’t want to see advertisements, you can subscribe to premium for $ 10 a month.

A platform created by and for independent film fans

Filmocracy was created by fans of independent cinema, one of its creators, Paul Jun who works in the industry, explains that all his life he has attended festivals around the world discovering incredible films, but he was never able to convince his boss to distribute them because they don’t have big budgets or big stars.

With Filmocracy it seeks to offer a platform to show independent cinema that sometimes deserves more attention than it receives, that with the collaboration of users and its system to rate and recommend the best ones to their friends and family, it may have an opportunity among so many content offer.