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Android 12 will improve split-screen mode with “App Pairs”, according to 9to5Google

26 mayo, 2021

It seems like yesterday, but the split screen mode did not officially arrive on Android until 2016, with Nougat. Little has changed since then, although the next version of Android, perhaps Android 12, could bring major changes to split screen mode.

According to 9to5Google, the split screen will gain a functionality called App Pairs and it will behave less like the classic implementation that Google has done and more how it works in other Android layers like EMUI or Samsung.


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All recent Android mobiles include support for split screen, that is, power display two apps on the screen at the same time, separated by a separator. However, depending on the customization layer, the way to activate the mode and its behavior varies a lot.

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The pure Android split screen implementation it is, at the very least, improvable. First, you must open the recent view, then make a long touch on the icon of one of the apps you have chosen and choose Split screen. The recent view is then shown, so you can choose the second application, while the first application stays on top, in a tiny strip.

Android11 The split screen on stock Android 11

According to information collected by 9to5Google, this will be about to change in the future and, possibly, coinciding with Android 12, the numbering that is expected for the next version of the operating system. Under the name of App Pairs, apparently it will be possible choose two apps from recent ones and pair them so that they open in split screen mode, without so many intermediate steps.

How exactly it will work is still a mystery, although it may not be much different from the implementation made by other manufacturers in your customization layers. For example, in EMUI it is possible to start the split screen mode with a button in the recent view, and then an app selector is shown at the bottom, to choose the second app (and without making the app small. above).

Emui The split screen in EMUI

Or, to add another example, Samsung already has a function called App Pairs, which allows you to create a shortcut to directly open two applications at the same time in split screen mode. It remains to be seen whether the Android version will be able to do this or not.

What the report does seem to be more sure of is that, in Android 12, there will be other changes in multitasking. For example, the view of two apps with split screen mode will be shown in the recent view (and you can return to it, just like you return to any other individual app), or it will be possible to do a double tap on the separator to toggle the order of apps, putting the top, bottom, and vice versa.

Via | 9to5Google