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Android in the cloud: Box

27 mayo, 2021

We continue with our special Android in the cloud with a new installment. After seeing how Dropbox and SugarSync services work and what they offer, it is now the turn of Box, another popular cloud storage service.

Box allows us to upload our files in the cloud to have a backup accessible from any site and device. Next we will see what it allows us to do with its official application for Android.

Box, functionalities


The first time we open the application, it will ask us to identify ourselves or to register in order to access its service. Once identified we enter the main window where we will see the files that we have in our space in the cloud.

To access the application options we will have to press the Menu key, and there we will see some of the options that it allows us Box for Android, such as viewing all files in the cloud, creating files, uploading them or doing a search.


To upload a file to the cloud we have to go to “Upload” and select the type of file we want to upload. We can go up any type of file and the application has its own file manager to be able to select it. You can only one file at a time. When selecting a file we can change the name and specify in which folder we want it to be saved or create a new folder.


The files that we have uploaded in Box we can save them in the phone memory to have access to them when we have no connection. We can update a file by uploading a more recent version, with which Box will replace it with the new one, but if we want to have it offline again we will have to download it again, the application does not do it automatically. We can also share a folder or file with our contacts so they can see your content.


Box has a updates section where it notifies us of the latest changes that have happened in our cloud storage, such as that we have uploaded, the changes that we have made or those that other people have made, since in the web version we can create shared folders so that more people can modify its content. We can also see these updates from your widget.

Box, connectivity to the desktop client and other mobile operating systems

The official Box application is available for Android, iPhone / iPad, Blackberry, TouchPad, PlayBook and it has the Box Sync application for Windows, but it is only available for business accounts, individuals have to use the web version to manage your cloud storage.

Box, space and pricing plans

Box offers 5GB of free storage and being able to upload files of up to 25 MB, but we can get 50GB for free and upload files of up to 100MB by doing the trick that we told you a few days ago. Here are their pricing plans for individuals and the storage that each one allows.

  • 5GB and upload files up to 25MB: Free.
  • 25GB and upload files up to 1GB: $ 9.99.
  • 50GB and upload files up to 1GB: $ 19.99.

You can consult the rest of the plans for companies on their website.


Box is a good service to have a copy of our files in the cloud, you can get a lot of free storage but they have to improve their application for Android, since they miss that they cannot upload several files at once or synchronize with offline files, so you always have the latest version in memory.


Box Version 1.4.2

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