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Android TV is updated to Android 11 with special emphasis on privacy and performance improvement

26 mayo, 2021

The latest stable version of mobile phones and tablets is on the way to televisions and players compatible with those large screen devices: Google has officially unveiled Android TV 11. The new version, which is now ready for manufacturers, will carry the notable privacy improvements of the last version, also better performance and lower consumption of resources.

Android TV is an operating system specially designed for HDMI televisions and players that not only offers the excellence of the big screen system, but also Its interface is adapted so that it is very comfortable to use with the remote control. It does not maintain the same speed of updates as the version for mobile devices, but it does not stop adding progression: Android 11 has just arrived on televisions. Of course, it will still be necessary for manufacturers to bring the update to the final devices.


Android TV 11 now available for manufacturers and developers

Android Tv

Since Google does not yet distribute commercial devices with Android TV (at least not at the moment), the new update cannot be tested directly as is intended exclusively for manufacturers of televisions and players, also to those who are dedicated to developing apps. This implies that it will still take time to download Android TV 11 on our devices: everything will depend on how quickly the brands are in adapting the new version.

All the news of Android 11

Google has unveiled Android TV 11 on its developer page. This new update follows the steps of the stable version for mobile devices and includes its improvements, such as the one-time permissions, best system performance, plus memory optimization, system updates from the Google Play Store and much more. This in terms of generic news.

Since Android TV has a different environment than that offered by mobile devices, Google has made the following improvements in version 11:

  • Automatic low latency mode for multimedia content.
  • Low latency in decoding.
  • New tuner framework: Manufacturers have more options when it comes to delivering audio and video to applications.
  • New configurations in the framework of conditional media access systems. Manufacturers can integrate different content providers more easily and securely.
  • Greater compatibility for HDMI-CEC devices.
  • Improved compatibility with game controllers.
  • Silent system updates.
  • More control of all the functions available on televisions.

As we said, Google has released Android TV 11 for developers, brands and manufacturers. Currently it can be tested on the Google development device, but for the rest we will still have to wait. The first TVs and manufacturers will begin the update cycle in the coming months.

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