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another piece for the great renovation in design that will come with Sun Valley

26 mayo, 2021

More than a year ago, Microsoft introduced more than 100 new icons for its products, including Windows and most of its applications. However, at the system level, that is, the simplest icons that are usually symbols, indicators or actions, they hadn’t received any major news in a long time.

With the announcement of the latest build for Insiders, whose changes we should (in theory) see all users with the arrival Windows 10 Sun Valley in Fall 2021Microsoft has updated many of the system icons to align with its Fluent design language.

Sun Valley and the “visual rejuvenation” of Windows 10

Windows 10 Systemicons

New system icons for Windows 10 – Microsoft

We know they are coming major design changes for Windows 10, the company revealed earlier this year that they plan a “radical visual rejuvenation of Windows”, what we do not know is when or how exactly.

However, since Windows 10 21H1, the first system update this year will be small, with very little news and focused more on performance and security, Windows 10’s second update in 2021 is expected to be much bigger.

Its code name so far is “Sun Valley” and while it is difficult to cover too much of that great “visual rejuvenation”, we do know of many design changes that will come with it. These new system icons are one part of them, the rounded edges are another.

The design odyssey in Windows 10: more than a year after its introduction, the new icons are still not fully integrated

Rounded edges

The return of rounded edges to Windows 10

The latest build for Insiders includes several dozen new icons thanks to the inclusion of a new font called Segoe Fluent Icons. System areas that use Segoe MDL2 resources such as the Start Menu or the Settings app will include the new icons that have a more rounded and simplified design.

These icons can also be seen in the new Micfrosoft News feed and application. Little by little and almost by dropper, Windows 10 is receiving small changes here and there to update its design, it would be great if those changes ended up in a more consistent interface than the system deserves and needs. Unfortunately, so far the history of Windows 10 and the design does not leave us very optimistic.