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another service that shows they want it all

23 mayo, 2021

Amazon has opened a pharmacy in the United States, Amazon Pharmacy. Yes, how it sounds. And it has done it in its own way, of course, what it means online (although in that country it already has many physical stores where they implement new features such as payment without going through the box). The company will sell prescription drugs and media, and they can also be purchased in its own way – on many devices, from smartphones to its own Echo speakers with an Alexa assistant.

Given the operation of the US health system, Amazon Pharmacy allows you to manage profiles and private health insurance, prescriptions and control payment methods. And, of course, Amazon Prime also plays its role in shipping.


Shipping in two days and discounts for uninsured people

Customers with an Amazon Prime subscription will benefit from two-day shippingAlthough it is expected that the terms are shortened with services like Amazon Prime Now. Those Prime customers who do not have insurance that covers the drugs, or have it but it is not enough, can save up to 80% on generic drugs and 40% on brand-name drugs.

Amazon allows you to compare prices, and unlike what has happened in the bookstore market, has reached agreements with more than 50,000 pharmacies in the country. In them, Amazon will also offer discounts, and will show them located in the different establishments.

We visited Amazon Go: this is the shopping experience in a semi-automated store without cashiers

For Amazon, the sale of medicines is a novelty, but the company has experience in the sector thanks to the purchase of PillPack in 2018, which gave him knowledge about how the online medicine sector works and the idiosyncrasies of the environment. At the moment, given the two-day period, it will not be a service for urgent things, but it is all a start. And, in times of pandemic, something like this may be more in demand than ever.

Pharmacies that sell online such as Walgreens Boots and CVS Healt Corp have fallen heavily in the stock market since Monday, after the news broke. It seems normal, given the impact that Amazon has in all the markets it enters. Unfortunately, in Spain at the moment it is forbidden to sell prescription drugs online.

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