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answer to the 33 most common doubts and questions

23 mayo, 2021

Facebook has more than 18 million users in Spain. Although the data does not detail whether they are active users, most of us, from personal experience, are aware of the high degree of penetration of this social network, and probably we ourselves (and many people around us) visit it daily.

However, despite using Facebook every day, we are often left only on the surface, and we do not explore thoroughly all the functions and customization and configuration options that the Zuckerberg platform offers us. That is why in this list we have wanted to gather all those doubts and questions that you have ever been able to have about Facebook, giving you the solution to each of them so that you can get the maximum match to this social network.

FACEBOOK keeps a record of ALL WEBSITES you visit so you can DEACTIVATE IT

About your profile on Facebook

  • Can I change my name on Facebook? Yes, it is possible although with certain restrictions and only once every 60 days. You can also include your name in another language, or add a nickname that you use in real life. You can easily request the change from the “Settings”> “General” menu, by clicking on the “Edit” link next to your current name.
  • How can I have a custom URL? Right within that same menu, “Settings”> “General”, you can also customize the web address of your profile (to be something like, for example, The only problem you can find is that the URL you want is already taken, in which case it is about finding another combination of words or numbers that you like and that is free (for the same example as before, “juansanchezmadrid” with your city or “juansanchez78” with your year of birth).
  • I want to change my password. Changing the password on Facebook is very simple, and it is also done in the same menu as the previous two points, “Settings”> “General”. Go to the “Password” option and you can enter a new one (after entering the previous one as well). Don’t forget to update your password manager with the new one.
  • I want to change my profile or cover image. For this it is not even necessary to open the Settings menu. All you have to do is go to your profile and hover your mouse over the camera icon, either the profile picture or the cover image.
  • Can I close my Facebook profile forever and ever? You can do it. In fact, you have two options: one is to deactivate the account temporarily, in case you want to take a break from Facebook without losing your data, and what you can do from the “Settings”> “Security” menu; the other is to delete your account completely, and with it all your data permanently, which you can do from this page.

Check your security and privacy on Facebook

  • How do I set up two-step verification? Two-step verification adds an extra element of security to your Facebook account, since in addition to the password you will need to enter a code that you will receive via SMS on your mobile when you log in from a new browser or device. To activate it, go to the “Settings> Security” menu and then choose the “Login Approvals” option.
  • How can I control who sees what I put on Facebook? There are several ways to do it. The first, and most basic, is to edit the privacy level of a post before sending it by opening the drop-down menu next to the “Submit” button. Another option is to create groups with your contacts (for example, one for your lifelong friends and another for your co-workers) and thus control who has access to what. Finally, you have the so-called “restricted list”, whose members can only see what you share as “Public”. You have more details on how to use all these options in this article.
  • Can I prevent someone from seeing my past posts? Yes, there is a way to do it, although it has a trick. To find the corresponding option, go to the menu “Settings> Privacy” and click on the link “Limit the audience of old publications”. This feature will change all the posts you have shared to date as “Public” to “Friends only”. But be careful, if you later want to undo the changes, you will have to do it one by one, and the people who are tagged in a publication will be able to continue seeing it.
  • Can you control who sees my email address? Yes, it is very easy to do so: go to your Facebook profile, click on “Information” and then go to the “Basic and contact information” section. Here you will be able to see all the email addresses that you have added to your Facebook profile, and modify the visibility of each one of them by clicking on “Edit” and then on the drop-down menu.
  • How do I control who can search for me? If there are people on Facebook that you would rather not have contact with, and you don’t even want them to try to locate you, go to the “Settings> Privacy” menu. There, within the section “Who can find me?”, You can limit the use of your email address or your phone so that someone can find you on Facebook, as well as allow or not allow search engines to index your Facebook profile in Your results.
  • Where can I see the apps that I have connected to Facebook? Very easy: go to the “Settings> Applications” menu, and you will see a list of all the applications in which you have logged in with your Facebook data. It is advisable to review this list from time to time and delete all those that you no longer use or that you do not remember adding. To do this, hover your mouse over it and click the X-shaped icon.
  • I want to limit the data my friends share about me in apps. Within that same menu of “Settings> Applications” you have a very interesting option called “Applications that other people use”. Here you can decide what data you share with your friends they can, in turn, use in the apps and games they use on Facebook.

Friends on Facebook: Questions and Answers

  • If I delete a friend request, does the other person find out? No. You will not receive any kind of notification. He can only guess … because time passes and you do not respond to his request. But Facebook will never tell you if you have deleted your request.
  • How do I control who can add me as a friend? On Facebook, anyone can add you as a friend … unless you have a remedy. And doing it is very simple: go to the menu “Settings> Privacy” and you will see the section “Who can contact me?”. Here you can choose who can send you friend requests.
  • What’s the difference between unfollowing, deleting as a friend, and blocking? You once have someone as a friend, and if he gets a little tiresome, there are a number of ways you can, so to speak, get him off your back. The simplest is to stop following him, so you don’t stop being friends, but you don’t see his posts on your wall; the next step is to delete it from your friends list, so you stop seeing its publications shared with friends (and that person does not see yours either); And the most drastic step is to block it, so this person will not be able to add you to their friends list, or tag you, or invite you to events.
  • How do I check all the photos where I am tagged? Simple: using the Facebook activity log, accessible from the “Settings> Privacy” menu. Here, within the section “Who can see my stuff?”, You will see a link that will take you to said review, where all your activities on the social network are recorded. Another option is to click on this Facebook link and you will see all those photos directly.
  • Can you prevent someone from tagging you in photos? No it can not be done. But at least what you can do is configure Facebook to notify you that you have been tagged, and review that photo before it is shared on your wall. To do this, go to the menu “Settings> Biography and tagging”, and activate the option next to “Do you want to review the tags that others add to your publications before they appear on Facebook?”. At least you can block the most embarrassing …
  • What is the difference between a trusted contact and a legacy contact? A trusted contact are friends with whom you can contact in case of not being able to access Facebook (for example, you have forgotten your password and you cannot enter your email). This person will be able to access a unique security code, and provide it for you to enter your account. A legacy contact, on the other hand, is the person you designate to take over your profile after you have died, in case you want to turn it into a tribute page.

Control all Facebook functions

  • What is the Favorites list for? Favorites are a section on the left sidebar of Facebook, where links to Facebook functions, groups, pages, and applications are stored. It already includes a few by default, but this list is fully customizable. You can, for example, add a group that you use often to have it more visible (by placing the mouse cursor over the group, clicking on the gear wheel icon and choosing “Add to Favorites”) or rearrange the list itself from Favorites, placing the cursor on any of its elements, clicking on the icon of the toothed wheel and choosing the option “Reorder”.
  • I don’t want Facebook to remind me of some things. Although the function of “A day like today” can be very curious, reminding you of things that you posted on Facebook on a day like today but years ago, sometimes it can bring you some other bitter memory of a time or a person that you prefer to forget. To do this, you just have to go to the corresponding section and click on the “Preferences” button. There you can select time periods and Facebook contacts that you prefer not to remember.
  • What is the save posts function for? This is a very practical function when a contact (or a page you follow) shares an article or video that interests you, but that you do not have time to read at the moment. Just click the arrow icon in the top right corner of the post and choose the “Save link” option. Then you can review it in the “Saved” section from the sidebar of the web.
  • I want to be notified when someone comments on a post. When you leave a comment on a post, Facebook alerts you if more people comment later, so you can continue to participate in the conversation. But you can get those notices without leaving a comment. To do this, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the post and choose the option “Turn on notifications for this post.”
  • How do I backup my profile? Very easy. Just go to “Settings”> “General” and click on “Download a copy of your information”. You have the whole process explained step by …