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App of the Day comes to the Play Store with a free Android app every day [Actualizado]

27 mayo, 2021

This week has landed on Android “App of the Day”, an initiative in the form of an application that will try to bring us applications or paid games every 24 hours completely free of charge.

According to its description in the Google store, the “App of the Day” team will select an application or game from the Play Store each day and will negotiate with its developers to make it free for 24 hours in the purest style of the offers made in the Amazon App Store.

Obviously, to find out about the daily offers we must install your application, which will notify us of them so that we can install the application for free from the Play Store. Once installed and from there, the Google store will show it to us as purchased once it is paid again.

This is what they promise, which is not little, and although in their first days some offers are about little-known applications and others that were already free, the truth is that other days they have placed some paid applications as free, such as Asphalt 7 u today with the aCircuit Board Live Special animated background.

We will be attentive to notify you in case we see something illegal or dangerous, although a priori everything seems to indicate that there is no trap or cardboard.

In this case, AndroSale Tracker will also be useful, a monitor to which we can add our favorite applications and that will notify us if they receive a discount in its final price.

We update with our experiences, because as we have been able to verify, performance is not as good as one might expectAlthough it is true that developers make their application free for 24 hours, it should be noted that for this they upload “another application” to the Play Store, which in theory is the same as the paid one but with another name, and that for one day it is free but is later removed from the store, preventing its update and download to other devices. Perhaps this is due to the limitations commented by users in the comments, where they indicate that it is impossible to return a free application in the Play Store to pay, and although you do not look at the teeth on a given horse, it is necessary to take this detail into account.


App of the Day – 100% Free