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Ask.Fm launches its Android application

26 mayo, 2021

After long time users asked for it, has decided to launch its official application instead of resorting to applications that were nothing more than a redirection to the mobile version. The application, as a general rule, allows us to use the most important functions of the service, in addition to some advantages that these applications bring, such as the notification system.

For those who do not know the service, the explanation is very simple: it is a service in which one admits questions from anyone, whatever it is, and may even be anonymous questions. You can follow people to read the answers they give, being able to say that some answers you like so that your followers can see it. Android

In the application itself there are not many complications, since it allows you to do the most basic functions of answering and asking questions, as well as following the updates of your contacts and liking the most interesting answers. The interface is not a marvel, but it is more than enough to be very simple and not to be confused with many menus.

Another question that is added is the notifications, as they allow us to be notified when we receive updates, such as a new question or someone likes one of our answers. To be a beta application, it is not going bad at all and it is essential for addicts to this social network who want to be able to answer the questions at any time.

App Version 0.9