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at the end of October it will stop working

26 mayo, 2021

Bixby is about to suffer a cut in its possibilities, as Samsung is communicating through the application integrated in the Galaxy: Bixby Vision augmented reality services will no longer work from late October. That is the date imposed by the brand to end them.

Samsung walks cutting back on its huge portfolio of Galaxy mobile features. For example, we recently learned that your cloud users would soon be without the option to back up their photo gallery and storage, all in favor of Microsoft OneDrive. And now it’s Samsung’s assistant that gets a slight setback: Bixby Vision will see its augmented reality options cut back.

Goodbye to Places, Makeup, Home Deco and Styling

Bixby Vision Ar Notice of Changes to Bixby Vision Augmented Reality

Samsung is advising users to open the Bixby Vision service. Through a message on the screen, the company communicates that four of the augmented reality options will disappear at the end of October. These are Places, Makeup, Home decor and Styling, functions that combine the Samsung Galaxy camera with the Bixby recognition system and augmented reality to recreate on screen from glasses to virtual makeup.

How to activate Bixby for the first time and how to configure it and in Spanish

Although the aforementioned functions belong to Bixby Vision, they are not started from the camera viewfinder since they are currently in the ‘AR Zone’, an application that centralizes all the augmented reality options in the same access. The list will be reduced in the four options that will disappear due to the cut of Bixby Vision, all without eliminating the basic functions of said recognition system: the translator, the QR code reader, the product recognition system and the image capture search engine.

Bixby Vision Ar Bixby Vision and AR Zone with augmented reality services

The AR Zone will be adapted to the different countries where Samsung distributes its phones, as specified by Samsung, so we will surely see more disappearances in Bixby services.

Via | Android Police