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Audible arrives in Spain from the hand of Amazon with more than 100,000 audiobooks, podcasts and a free month for everyone

25 mayo, 2021

After more than 20 years in the market, Audible finally lands in Spain. The audio entertainment platform that long ago became the world’s largest seller and producer of audiobooks, offers its digital services only in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, India, and Japan.

With this release Amazon Prime users can enjoy three free months of Audible to start listening to the more than 100,000 audiobooks available, 7,000 of them in Spanish. For everyone else, the platform will offer a free trial month.

9.99 euros per month with no limit on the number of devices where you can listen

Audible Espana Web

Audible.ES will offer unlimited access to its more than 100,000 titles for a price of 9.99 euros per month. This includes everything from exclusive audiobooks from leading publishers to original podcasts produced in collaboration with some of the most recognized creators in Spain.

This program allows you to create audiobooks from any text

There are 25 original podcasts, and two new ones will be added each month. The service will continue to add new titles on a constant basis to further expand the catalog. Audible offers as an added benefit the possibility of buy about 10,000 additional titles for a discounted price of 9.99 euros each, these will be yours even if you cancel your subscription.

Audible Spain App

Each Audible subscription allows a single user to access the entire catalog, but has no limit on the number of devices that can enjoy the subscription. You can listen to content from apps for iOS, Android, Sonos, and most Kindle and Alexa-compatible products.

The contents of Audible are listened to in streaming, but also can be downloaded to listen offline in two qualities: “standard” and “high”. You only need to be connected when you go to download content.


Audible Spain intends to “be very local”

Audible Family Photo

Photo – Amazon

The service will have exclusive content in Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician. Juan Baixeras, VP Country Manager of Audible in Spain, explained that they had been working on making Audible for many months “the more spanish the better“wanting to create an exclusive, high-quality local product.

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“We start from the basis that Spain is a country with a long tradition of audio. In Spain we are great consumers of podcasts, in fact we are the second country in consumption of podcasts per inhabitant in the world, the first is South Korea.” Audiobooks are a growing market globally, and for Baixeras Audible’s commitment to Spain is referenced by how Audible has performed in even markets, brothers, like Italy.

In Italy there is a business model like in Spain (flat rate for everything you can listen to) and it has worked super well. We think that if Audible in Italy has worked so well and the audio market in Spain has a history and a development that has always worked wonderfully well, Audible in Spain with the local, exclusive and quality offer, will be able to work equally well.

Some of the featured launch titles feature celebrities from Spain as storytellers. For example: José Coronado narrates the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, Leonor Watling narrates the seven Harry Potter books, Michelle Jenner narrates ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Juan Echanove lends his voice for ‘The Heart of Darkness’, and Jose Maria Pou reads ‘Moby Dick’.