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Aurora Store, an alternative door to the Play Store to download applications without Google services

24 mayo, 2021

Enter in the Google play And downloading any application is a super simple gesture for anyone with a Google certified Android. Now, the thing is complicated in the case of lacking the services of the company; Either by having installed a ROM without them or by acquiring a mobile like the Huawei Mate 30, for example. Of course, do not despair: there are always solutions.

There are many alternatives to the Google Play Store. In general, it is quite easy to access any app, but it also carries risks. Non-secure apks, stores that border on piracy or do not have the entire catalog that the official Google store has, for example. And a good solution is Aurora Store, a great alternative to Google Play that offers an easy way to access the Android store without many of the inconveniences that Play Services bring.

Download apps from the Play Store without the Play Store

Aurora Store

The application we are talking about, Aurora Store, is a Unofficial client of Android app store that offers access to the catalog in a simple way and without the need to have Google mobile services (GMS) installed. It is even valid for use without Micro G, the alternative services of Google Play. However, perhaps they are needed for depending on which applications: as much as Aurora allows them to be downloaded, that does not imply that they will work.

Aurora Store does not need Google services to work, but they may be necessary for the applications you download (the copy in Drive of WhatsApp, for example)

Aurora Store is a secure application, it is developed in open source (Open Source), it is accessible as Apk and also through the renowned FDroid repository. It has its own Git and the Apk is super light: it does not reach 7 MB. All without losing potential since Aurora Store opens the door to the Google Play Store without having to have the store installed.

Aurora Store Aurora Store allows you to choose a different device and region

The appearance of this alternative client of Google Play is quite similar to the official Android store. And it works more or less the same: apps and games are categorized, there are recommendations, there is a search engine to locate any application and even installed apps can be updated using Aurora. In addition, he has a couple of aces up his sleeve, such as the ability to simulate other devices or the option to choose a different region than usual. What do you want an application that can only be downloaded from the United States and for certain phones? Aurora Store opens the door for you to download. And always safely: access is the same as that used by the Play Store.

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Aurora Store does not give access to pirated applications, you can only download those apps and games that are free. Yes, you can search and access the tab of the paid applications, but not download them to the phone: the buy button appears inactive and in orange (for the acquisition of apps, Play Services are required, something that Aurora does not use). With one exception: in the event that you have previously purchased the app or game, Aurora will let you access the download (For this you have to enter the store with the Google account). The buy button will turn active and turn blue.

A great alternative to the Google Play Store

Aurora Store Aurora Store also allows you to update installed applications

Aurora is a project that is well established in the Android community that has a successful and attractive evolution. It is currently on version 3.13 (stable) and works perfectly, we have checked. It is perfect for those who want a way to access Google Play applications safely and without the need to have Google services installed. It must be borne in mind that, despite being a secure app, there will always be some risk to use it with Google credentials, also use it to install Apks (even if they are the official Google Play).

In case you want to give Aurora Store, you can access the store download through F-Droid.

Via | XDA Developers