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Auto-Incognito Filter, a Google Chrome extension that always loads the websites you want in incognito mode

27 mayo, 2021

Incognito mode, private browsing mode or how each browser calls it, is one that does not initially record anything of our activity on the Web on the computer where we are. Its use, yes, It does not imply that we do not leave a trace on the Internet on many of the websites we browse.

And uses, worth the redundancy, there can be many for the incognito mode, although the normal thing is that we simply want to use it so as not to leave a trace in the browser history, for various reasons. In my case, I wanted to use it so that some websites would not recognize me when using it, and I was looking for an extension that would always open certain domains in incognito.

Despite being an old extension, Auto-Incognito Filter works perfectly in Google Chrome and in browsers like Microsoft Edge. Let’s see how it works.

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An extension that simply does what is asked of it, with one limitation

My idea with the extension is that every time I manually typed in some domains in the address bar, or accessed them through social networks, they would load the tab in incognito. However, it is not possible, because Chrome / Chromiums do not open private tabs, but windows.

So, every time I want to go to some domain incognito, what this extension does is open a private window that, although it breaks my work flow, since I do everything with tabs, it serves me for what I want.


Using it is as easy as going to its icon, which when installing the extension will appear to the right of the address bar, and enter in its text box the domains that we want to be opened in incognito. In the photo you can see how “” is listed. To add another website, just type its name and click on “Add Filter”.

From that moment on, all the domains and subdomains of the chosen website will be loaded in an incognito window.

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