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AutoCAD WS, or how to view AutoCAD drawings on Android (and iOS)

26 mayo, 2021

It is more than clear that the power of tablets is increasing both at the hardware level (there are processors almost as powerful as a PC not so long ago, such as the Snapdragon that they presented to us today in Engadget) and at the software level, with increasingly versatile, powerful and useful applications.

There are enough office suites to work comfortably on an iPad or Android tablet, there is software to draw or edit video, there are database managers and I’m almost going to ignore the existence of not a single browser, but several to choose from. And an application more oriented to industrial design was taking time to appear. From the hand of the queen of the sector, Autodesk, comes AutoCAD WS, more than just a viewer for your AutoCAD files.

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He had already been promised for months and it seems that he has been waiting, but without a doubt it is worth it. AutoCAD WS can well be considered as a compact version of desktop software, much more limited in functions but with the basics to make a quick edition and to be able to show our drawings comfortably. Think especially of a device such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad (for being available to buy today in Spain), where it makes sense to be able to teach sketches.

Something good about the application is that it is possible to view and work with files stored in the cloud, in attachments to your email or in the memory of your device, so that a person who is not always connected to the Internet will still be able to use this software. AutoCAD WS goes further, by the way. It is a complete solution to work in the cloud through the browser or through the desktop software from Windows or MacOS X, synchronizing the files between the computers that need it (even through Dropbox or your company’s own SharePoint server, to put two examples). The application is free.

For AutoCAD WS to work well our device must have with a processor of at least 1Ghz and 512Mb of RAM memory. The application is available in the App Store for devices with iOS and in the Android Market for those who wear Android (2.1 or higher, yes).

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