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available on all Google Pixel and Android One with Android 9 Pie

26 mayo, 2021

After leaking its APK last week, it was not until today that Google has officially launched the first stable version of its new application Digital Wellbeing (Digital Wellbeing in Spanish) of its latest version of its operating system.

Digital Wellbeing 1.0 is already available to download through the Play Store, and can be downloaded from all Google Pixel and Android One devices updated with Android 9.0 Pie.

One month feeling guilty about Android 9 Pie's 'Digital Wellbeing'


Digital well-being

Digital Wellbeing

Digital well-being is an application that allows us to know and improve our digital habits, know the time we spend using our Android device, also offering tools that allow us to disconnect and not live pending its screen.

The daily summary allows us to know the frequency with which we use each application, the number of notifications we receive and the frequency with which you consult the phone.

To disconnect the mobile we can create daily application timers to limit the time of use or activate your Rest mode That will remind us to turn off the mobile at night or it will put the screen in grayscale.

As a novelty, its update to the stable version 1.0, the Rest mode can now be deactivated at the time we want or with the next alarm.

Digital well-being

Digital well-beingVaries by device.