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Avocado, collaborative application for couples

26 mayo, 2021

Imagine you want to ask your better half how her day is going. Or maybe you want to make a common list in which both of you can write down things you have to buy. You also want him to remember the dinner you have this Sunday with your friends. Why isn’t there an app that encompass all these functionalities to avoid having to use three different services?

They must have thought about Avocado, an app for the web, Android and iOS that precisely allows you to carry out all these activities in common with your partner. Yes, I said “web”, since unlike other alternatives, Avocado allows you to put your mobile aside and continue using the application from the desktop, something that is very appreciated.

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Shared lists and events

The main features of Avocado are divided into four large groups. On the one hand we have the section Messages, which also acts as activity wall. It reflects the changes that have been made recently (such as adding an item to a list or similar). For the most romantic, it has some additional option such as the possibility of sending kisses, and for the more “left” they allow you to configure personalized predefined phrases.

There is also a shared photo album and custom emoticons. However, its two most interesting features are, for me, the lists and the calendar. Simple, easy to use and they do their job perfectly. A common shopping list? A compilation of tasks to do? In just a few seconds they can be created, and both members of the couple can edit them to their liking. The same goes for calendar events.


Avocado has a free version and a paid version ($ 19.99 per year). The main difference is that in the free app there are limitations in some sections (for example, a maximum of five lists can be created and only a certain number of photos can be uploaded). Nor could they miss the stickers (stickers) that are so fashionable lately.

After a few hours of use, you miss a little more fluency in the messages section, where other messaging applications have a considerable advantage. Still, Avocado is worth the shared lists and events for anyone who wants something simple and easy to use. New useful features would also be nice, such as the ability to share notes or maps.

The fashion of apps for couples

But Avocado is not the only application of this type that currently exists (although it is one of the ones that is having the most impact due to the fact that several ex-Googlers are behind the project). exist other almost identical alternatives, like “Couple”: http: //, “Between”: http: // or even “Duet”: http: // So similar that a little more imagination is missed and to go further with new tools that can be useful in this type of situation.

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