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AXHIM, an anonymous question and answer site

26 mayo, 2021

Even though the Quora fever has dropped a bit, new Q&A sites keep popping up. One of them is AXHIM, developed by two Spaniards (Miquel Camps and Juan Pablo Muñiz) and that deviates from the general trend of this type of webs.

The main value of AXHIM is that we do not need to register: it is totally anonymous. There are no usernames or anything like that, so this is the best site for ask things we wouldn’t say if we had to give our name. As they say themselves, “Collective intelligence without taboos, politically incorrect”. It is true that being anonymous on the Internet does not cost anything, it is enough to put a false user, but of course it is easier if they give you the option directly.

AXHIM It is very simple– Submitting a question is as simple as typing it and choosing a category. We can vote the questions and answers and classify by topic or chronologically. In addition, despite being anonymous, we can do a search for the questions we have asked (I suppose through cookies in the browser).

The idea is very good, although I think the web lacks some details to be polished. For example, a question search is missing, custom labels for each question; and the page layout could be improved (although this is more subjective). Despite these details, I think AXHIM it can be very useful.

Official site | AXHIM