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‘Be great on the Internet’, Google’s initiative for children to learn to surf the net while avoiding dangers

27 mayo, 2021

Gone are the times when a child basically learned at school and at home. They have increasing access to devices connected to the internet and the network has become another source of information and training for them. So, it is important that the little ones know how to use the web safely and confidently, avoiding deceptions and dangers.

This is precisely what Google’s ‘Be great on the Internet’ initiative aims to do.

‘Be great on the Internet’ is a Google initiative that seeks to help the little ones to explore the Internet safely and confidently

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Five basic principles and a game

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To educate boys and girls in the proper use of the internet it is imperative that parents are actively involved in the digital learning process. Even if their knowledge is limited and, almost at the same time as the little ones, they learn how to function properly on the Internet.

‘Be cool on the internet’ has been developed by the Mountain View team in collaboration with the Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely and is based on five basic principles:

  • Be smart on the internet: Share – or publish – content with care
  • Be cautious on the internet: Don’t fall into traps
  • Be strong on the internet: Keep your secrets
  • Be nice on the internet: It’s great to be friendly
  • Be brave on the internet: When you identify risks or threats, do not hesitate to consult with an adult
Fireshot Capture 011 Google Interland En Espanol Online Educational Educational Game For Ni Beinternetawesome Withgoogle Com The first challenge on the protection of secrets proposed by the game ‘Interland’.

These principles, treated with greater specificity, especially with parents in mind who must transmit them to their children, are available on the initiative’s home page and in a downloadable PDF.

Specifically to teach children to be cool on the internet Google has developed the game Interland. An online adventure through which kids can put into practice the lessons they have learned about being smart, safe, strong, kind and courageous online, sailing safely and overcoming the four proposed challenges.