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be very careful with the screenshots of messages

27 mayo, 2021

For some time they have not stopped circulating on the network: screenshots of messaging apps showing conversations Relevant private parties for something: couple breakups, compromising photographs, suspiciously unusual autocorrect failures … many take it for granted for the simple reason that the message was captured in a screenshot, but what if it wasn’t?

Turns out that there are web tools to generate those conversations, and it is very easy to misrepresent any reality by creating a fake conversation and sending it as if it were a screenshot. And it may seem like a kid, but if we point to personalities we can mess it up the size of the recent controversy that has been with Menéame.

Some conversation-generating examples

fake text generator conversations

Let’s take a look at some of these fake chat creators out there. There is plenty to choose from:

  • iFakeText generates a screenshot of iMessages with the interface of iOS 6, giving us a choice between several of the most used operators in the world.
  • At Similator we have a tweet generator, in order to make people believe that we have taken the screenshot of a tweet that has actually been posted on Twitter. Very successful, it even lets us choose an avatar and change the words on the service interface itself in order to translate it into any language.
  • Also in Similator we have at our disposal a generator of private Facebook conversations, with the appearance of the web interface of Facebook Messenger. We can also change our avatar to pretend to be a real user and even the time to try to have a good alibi.
  • iOS7text is the modernization of FakePhoneText towards iOS 7, to cover us in case someone tells us that it is very rare to use iOS 6 at this point. Here we can even change the type of signal between 3G, 4G or WiFi and the level of coverage we have. They think of everything.
  • If we want to refine even more, in iPhoneSMSGenerator they let us alternate between the screen size of the old 3.5-inch iPhone and the new 4-inch ones. In addition, we can also change the interface between iOS 6 and iOS 7.
  • Fake Android Text is the interface creator for messages from Android, which could not be missing in this game of forgeries either. We can change the type of time and the version of Android to fine-tune everything.
  • Yazzy encompasses several types of interfaces to generate fake conversations, including that of WhatsApp. Like to trust the one who has it installed on his smartphone.

Is there a cotton test to detect counterfeits?

fake conversation web generator

Imagine, for example, that the header image of this post (which I have obviously generated, let’s not call for bad weather) was taken seriously by Facebook. He would have his lawyers on my doorstep in a matter of days.

How to detect if a screenshot is really a screenshot or not? We will never know for sure because it is very easy to trace an interface by finger, but there are some indicators:

  • If the screenshot is a tweet, let’s find the original tweet.
  • Let’s take a good look at the position of the texts on the screen, since these generators usually make the mistake of decentralize them.
  • Ask the original author of any Facebook Messenger message if the capture is real.
  • If what has been leaked is a conversation between Spanish users, check that the operator that appears in the screenshot is not from another country.
  • Check that the hours that appear in the interface match their context.
  • And of course, that the interface of the screenshot corresponds to the latest version of the system. Especially if we talk about iOS.

It sneaks less and less, but this week we have seen how the Popular Party lawyers have jumped into action due to a simple screenshot that most likely has been generated by some mind interested in creating controversy. Tell them and all Internet users to think twice before taking this kind of talk seriously leaks if they don’t want to look ridiculous or provoke protests.

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