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because watching football online for free is still possible

21 mayo, 2021

Yes OK It is not the first time that Rojadirecta has experienced legal problems – but the web, famous for offering unofficial links to sporting events, has even faced the United States Department of Justice – it seems that this time the thing is serious. So much, almost four years ago, the justice ordered the precautionary closure of the portal.

The measure entered into force on December 5, 2015 and that not only has raised blisters Rather, it led to the appearance of TarjetaRojaOnline and other practically identical sites. However, many have also been blocked in recent years, so we leave you better options to watch football.

The best options to watch football

In this way, it seems that the range of options to access this kind of content on the Internet without allocating a euro from our pocket is not scarce. For now, we are left with these twenty, some channels that not only focus on the aforementioned sport, but also offer other kinds of encounters. Among them, also, some specific apps sneak in. But let’s focus on each one more specifically.

1. Live TV


Despite its somewhat cluttered interface, Live TV ranks as one of our favorites. The site, with domain in the Caribbean island of San Martín, offers live viewing of sports events of all kinds. Matches from the Premier League, the Champions League and “other important events in the field of sport” are among its most popular events.

Available in multiple languagesThanks to its archive, we will not only be able to enjoy the latest matches in European leagues but also other broadcasts. In addition, and in case you experience problems, its detailed guide is very useful. Its structure, despite not being very visual, includes mandatory sections such as “upcoming broadcasts”, with their corresponding icons depending on the modality.

2. Thefeed2all

Screenshot 2015 11 30 To S 18 32 43

Thefeed2all owners go for a much more easy, similar to that of a beginner’s blog. Now, in the upper part it integrates a series of categories through which the search is streamlined and among which we find, in addition to this mass sport par excellence, others such as handball, rugby, boxing, golf and more.

It lets us select the time zone to adapt the offer and avoid complications and organizes the content, on the home page, in a list of dubious readability (white letters on a gray board placed, at the same time, on a black base

3. Red Card

Red card

Given its name and how could it be otherwise, Tarjetarojatvonline has almost the same appearance and content as the original Rojadirecta: everything about football, from televised games to those that are paid. The list is updated every hour and, in the recent entries, we find quite a few encounters.

It does not have an internal search engine, but it does have links that work throughout the day to many live TV channels.

4. Stream2watch

Stream2watch, Watch live Stream Sport and Television It has television content of all kinds and is divided into “Live Sports”, “Live Television” and “Live television programs”; a clear classification that avoids confusion.

Since your selection sports is one of the most complete, it also comes with icons for each of the modalities, namely: boxing, darts, golf, football, handball, motorcycling, tennis and badminton. The interface leaves to be desired, yes, like most.

5. Links


As we can read in, it is a small website where interesting links are compiled on many topics, and one of them is televised sports and live television in general.

To follow football, post links to Acestream next to the times of the matches, and the Acestream Arenavisión channels, where they can be followed in Spanish and with great quality.

6. FreeFootball

Screenshot 2015 11 30 To S 17 47 39

Although we have been able to do it without any problem on previous occasions, currently, Chrome warns us that FreeFootball could contain harmful programs, the typical red window that makes access difficult.

7. Bwin

Screenshot 2015 11 30 To S 17

Despite being focused on betting, Bwin is another of the companies that allows us to follow the games live. Bearing in mind that these small “raffles” can be of a euro or two, it is worth opting for this option. Besides, it can also touch you, don’t you think?

8. SopCast

Screenshot 2015 11 30 To S 17 1

Although SopCast is not exactly a website of this type, it works in a very peculiar way, that is, in the purest P2P style. What it does, in fact, is allow users to share their television signal by taking advantage of the Internet connection. However, it has some limitations.

9. Acestream


Acestream is another of the best known applications on Windows and Android to watch television and live sports. It stands out for the quality offered by its broadcasts through P2P networks. It is extremely easy to use and you only need one link to start playing your desired match.

Today it is more popular than Sopcast for its ease and good performance. It is based on VLC Media Player, so most of the functions will be very familiar to you. Many of the websites that we have reviewed offer links for this application.

10. Soda Player: Acestream links on macOS


Soda Player is a player for macOS compatible with Acestream links. As there is no Acestream for the Apple platform, if you don’t want to use Wine and other more complicated solutions, Soda Player is the ideal way to watch football online on your Mac.

What’s more, allows to send the contents to Chromecast and Apple TV by AirPlay. If you like to play Torrent files without downloading them, Soda is also capable of doing it with the magnet links of any search engine or tracket.

11. Splive

Screenshot 2015 11 30 To S 16

Designed for mobile phones, Splive Player is a simple player for android that includes different video sections that captures content from different video on demand services. Very useful for tablets, it also allows you to listen to the radio wherever you go and share your favorite events on social networks.

In addition, the new update has tried to reinvent itself by attending to the needs of users and the suggestions that they have been launching, and which cover aspects as varied as loading favorite programming and parental control of the lists.

It is compatible with Android and Mac, and can even be used for embed player in question on your website. Although it has not been updated since the summer of 2011, it is very useful and reminds us of Justin TV, closed after seven years of operation.

In addition to football matches, you will be able to watch specific channels, baseball, tennis, Hockey, Basketball matches and a long etcetera that you can already imagine and that will delight any sports fan. Their motto? Sharing is Caring.

12. Webfistrow


Apart from football, Webfistrow gives us the possibility to enjoy other sports, including hockey. And all without overly intrusive advertising or interstitials in between, something that certainly, streamlines viewing.

It is structured in various tabs, located at the top and in which the modalities are grouped: Football, American Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Tennis, Motorcycling and Others –which, surprisingly, include games of darts, cricket, baseball and the like.


Direct red card is another of those websites that were born after the fall of Rojadirecta, and that remember in their aesthetics, although with a black background. Every day it updates its list of football events, and by clicking on them, it takes you to the online broadcast of the channel where it will be broadcast at the start time.

It has Latin American, Spanish, American channels

14. Fromhot


The formerly known as sportcategory has changed name to continue providing the same options without added problems. Organized in the form of a list in a table, it comes with a plus: cycling, a modality that these tools do not usually incorporate.

15. Livefootballol


With little publicity, Livefootballol focuses exclusively on the national sport, soccer. For this, it uses a rather cumbersome web page but no less useful for that. Your choice? White background and red letters. However, it includes matches from the BBVA league, the English Premier, the UEFA, friendly matches, the Champions Cup, the World Cup and practically the most specific thing you can imagine.

It comes with a section for transfers and results, another for previously uploaded videos of matches that have taken place previously, as well as a specific news section. Worth.

16. Limbo TV


Although it is not one of the best known, Limbo TV has a wide selection of audiovisual material on demand and also on streaming. In addition to movies and series There you will find links to Fox Sports, TVC Sports, Univision Sports, Gol TV and others for payment.

It also has the most conventional television, ideal if you are away from home but do not want to miss a detail.



A little more complete than the mentioned options, LaTeLeTe.Tv has a totally different appearance. In addition to football and pay channels, this site integrates streaming reproduction of the conventional ones, those of DTT. Comfortable and easy to use, it allows you to integrate all content in one place.

There you will find, from the reproduction of Bein Sports and Canal + live, to PlayBoy TV, Fox, and so on. Besides, his structure it is much more visual than most platforms.

18. Footballstreaming


Footballstreaming is, as its name suggests, the perfect space for foot ball fans. Although it is focused on this kind of content, has links to the most important leagues, and not only that, but it also has a section for questions and another for software and downloads that improve the viewing experience.

His chat room Specific, aside from answering frequently asked questions, allows users to interact in a more fluid way.

In this portal you will also find more elaborate posts, apart from the live reproductions, both of the events televised on channels and other means of payment, even those that are broadcast on the radio. It includes useful links and a specific section called “Football Streaming TV”.

19. Onlinecard

Red card

Among our selection could not miss the newly lit portal, the option of developers of Direct red. Onlinecard, in fact, …