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Become a face swap wizard, with this webapp you can swap the faces of any photo in a few seconds

26 mayo, 2021

The face swap Face swapping is something that has become very popular among web memes, and applications like Microsoft’s or Face Swap Live for mobile make the process easy and give you cheap fun.

But if you wanted to start playing from the computer with effects like this, there were few simple options. However, now you can get hold of Reflect, a automated face-swapping app based on machine learning.

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Reflect is pretty cool, it’s free, easy to use, and has a lot of options. Transfer from one face to another is excellent, works with faces not only from photos of people, but with paintings, statues, illustrations, video game characters and even cartoons.

You can use the tool uploading your own images or taking advantage of the integrated library or search engine that they include. Already by default they show you several categories with popular images of works of art, memes, video games, movies and celebrities.

Musk is coming Musk is coming

It’s just a matter of choosing one face and then the other and let Reflect work its magic. The results vary, but without a doubt you will have a good time, more if you check the section of the best swaps. If you create an account with Google or Facebook you can even save your images.

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After every face Swap they let you see a live comparison of what the image of the swapped faces looks like and what the main face looks like. What’s more they let you download the result in high resolution, albeit with a watermark. You can invite friends to receive a month of use without them.