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Bella Thorne has earned 1 million dollars in 24 hours with her OnlyFans and that is a “problem” for the rest of the creators

27 mayo, 2021

Actress, singer and filmmaker Bella Thorne, a former Disney Channel child star, has marked a milestone on the adult content platform OnlyFans upon entering $ 1 million in just 24 hours.

At the time of writing this article, Thorne offers in his profile of this platform of direct payment to creators a total of 44 messages, 26 photos, 8 videos and 3 archived posts. Not without complaint, because some users regret that the snapshots are almost the same as those posted on their Instagram and, as she herself indicates On twitter, does not do nudes.

OnlyFans celebrity entry is causing serious problems for sex workers who live off their content

A content that has allowed you to enter that million US dollars during your first day in OnlyFans and more than 2 million in less than a week after registering that record as the best premiere charging $ 20 a month for access to your feed. However, his objective is to research a role for a new film, as he has stated in an interview with LA Times, although in another he said that it is the first platform “in which I can totally control my image; without censorship, without trials and without being intimidated online for being me.”

The rest of the creators of OnlyFans are suffering the consequences in their income

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The record is not being without controversy since the entry of celebrities in OnlyFans, such as Bella Thorne herself or Cardi B for example, would be causing serious problems for the most anonymous sex workers who find in this platform a way of income according to denounce.

The most serious problem, therefore, has to do with economics. Sex workers have long complained that this service, in a way, hides them. They boast of different types of creators also present in OnlyFans, but they ignore the large presence of sex workers. “They take 20% of every penny we earn and they can’t even bear to admit that we exist,” they say.

If before they had to wait 7 days to be able to request the income of what they had earned, now that period has increased to 30 days and they blame it on the effect of Bella Thorne

OnlyFans, the "Porn Patreon" that gives control to creators in exchange for 20% of the proceeds

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Now, with the entry of recognized characters such as Bella Thorne and her behavior, they are undergoing changes in OnlyFans policies, according to denounce: If before they had to wait 7 days to be able to request the income of what they had earned, now that period has increased to 30 days. “Because she has specifically received many claims for reimbursement for her $ 200 stunt,” they say.

“All sex workers are being punished because they scammed their audience”

It's time to micropay: for access to exclusive content, for visibility in a livestreaming chat and with porn ahead

He posted a photo in which “hinted that she was naked and she wasn’t”. Thus, they say, the maximum price of blocking a content has been limited to $ 50 and the tip to $ 100. “All sex workers are being punished because they scammed their audience,” VividVivka laments.

On the other hand, several veteran workers interviewed by Rolling stone make it clear that the image that will be taken from the platform and the one that will remain in the imagination of those who do not know OnlyFans will be wrong. They consider that she will not experience what the anonymous creators of the platform experience and the rest will think that the platform is, basically, easy money.