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Belvedere, automatically organize the files on your PC

27 mayo, 2021

Remember The Magic Folder, that gadget that organized our files according to their extension when we dragged them to a folder icon? As well, Belvedere it could be considered as the “improvement” of that gadget, a kind of Hazel for Windows.

Belvedere not only allows us to move files to certain folders according to their extension, but also it also lets us set rules based on its size, name, modification date, creation date, etc. In addition, the actions that we can define based on these rules are not limited to moving the folder files, but we can also send them to the Recycle Bin, delete them, copy them, open them, or until they change their name, so it could even serve as an ultra-simple alternative to Bulk Rename Utility, that “file renamer” with a user interface not quite friendly.

In The How-To Geek they give an idea to take advantage of this application: they suggest creating a rule so that do not accumulate files in the download folder, making all files ZIP Y EXE that are of considerable age are moved to the recycle bin, images to the images folder, audio files to the Music folder, etc. (Basically the same as The Magic Folder did, but with Belvedere we don’t need to drag files into the “magic folder”). We could also use Belvedere to clean up the Windows Live Messenger received files folder, and things like that.

As if that were not enough, it is a free application under license GPL, and requires no installation.

Via | Lifehacker
Link | Belvedere