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Best Free Websites to Learn Korean

26 mayo, 2021

Between the two Koreas and the Chinese prefecture of Yanbian, the Korean language has 80 million inhabitants. Korean (or ‘Hangugeo’, spoken in the language itself) is the language of big tech companies like Samsung, but also that of the increasingly popular K-pop subculture.

However, when considering learning this language, the user will discover that there are not so many online resources to study it like those we could find for other languages ​​(including some others from the Far East).

Therefore, from Genbeta we want to offer you a small but useful compilation thereof:

How To Study Korean


How To Study Korean (HTSK) is defined as “a comprehensive resource for learning Korean” and stands out especially for the detailedness of his explanations on grammatical aspects of the language.

Although it is a website that continues to add new content, for now it has 7 units (with 25 lessons, 3 questionnaires and 1 exam each). Each unit provides new vocabulary and recordings with examples of pronunciation of words and phrases.

In South Korea there are people teaching how to do job interviews in which you will be analyzed by artificial intelligence

Lessons are 100% free and accessible without registration, but they monetize their platform by offering a lot of optional paid material (packages with audios, PDFs with exercise books, etc).

Regarding the language of the material, the lessons are uploaded first in English and then they are translated into other languages: the first 108 lessons (out of a total, for now, 152) are already in perfect Spanish.

The HTSK lessons link at times to parallel mini-courses offered from the Memrise platform to help memorize terms (don’t worry: it’s also free).

Talk To Me in Korean


Talk To Me in Korean is another of the most cited websites on the Internet when it comes to learning Korean. However, it has two disadvantages compared to the previous one: being available only in English and that its contents are, for the most part, paid.

However, we include it here because, among the many courses it offers, we will find nine free basic level (which you can also find in your mobile app).

Each course is made up of around twenty lessons, each one made up of an explanation (a podcast together with an explanatory text), an example of dialogue (video + text) and a test.

This website helps you learn English (and other languages) by reading classic books in two languages ​​at the same time


Screenshot 10

Unlike other languages ​​(from English or French to Esperanto or Guarani), Duolingo does not offer a Korean course for Spanish speakers. But, if you already use English, you can study the language for free by resorting to the “Korean for English speakers” course, which already has almost 5 million users.

Screenshot 9

Still from the popular South Korean soap opera “Children before flowers”, with Viki’s ‘learning mode’ activated.

Viki is a video streaming portal owned by Rakuten, which offers a wide catalog of series and films originating from South Korea and the rest of the Far East.

And the best thing is that it allows us view them for free and with Spanish subtitles: For that alone it would already be an irreplaceable resource to reinforce our learning of the Korean language.

Despite that, it is added a ‘learning mode’ that we can activate from the options bar of each video, and that will not only give us the option to simultaneously see the Spanish and Korean subtitles, but also to click on a Korean term to know its individual translation, as seen in the image.

Plus: “Learn to Read Korean in 5 Minutes (seriously)”

This is not a website, but only a YouTube video. And it lasts only 5 minutes (exact). But it adds more than 9 million views thanks to his foolproof way to learn to read hangul (Korean alphabet):