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Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc

4 julio, 2021

IRegardless of the confusion Brexit may be generating elsewhere, 16 is still the magic number when it comes to getting started with motorized two-wheelers at VENTOS.

That’s the youngest age anyone can qualify to drive a motorized two-wheeler on the road, and while that age also restricts it to just 50cc and machines capable of no more than 30mph, there is now a larger selection and variety of machines on offer. than ever before. In other words, there has never been a better time, if you are 16 years old, to put away the PS4, turn off Netflix, and do something much more interesting and exciting.

To help you do just that, here is our latest and updated pick of the 10 best 50cc machines.

Top 5 50cc Scooters / Mopeds

Aprilia RS4 50 replica: £ 3800; best 50cc motorcycles

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc 9

50cc sport bikes just don’t get more desirable, pretty, high-spec… or expensive. Now with a £ 4K push, the superb RS4 from Italian lightweight specialists Aprilia is based on the high-spec, full-size rolling chassis of its big brother RS4 125, including an aluminum double-beam frame, Inverted front forks throughout and a monoshock rear, all dressed up in an RSV4 superbike. –

Body style. Meanwhile, the engine can only be 49cc, being a liquid-cooled two-stroke instead of the 125’s four-stroke means it has a lot of spiciness too.

Aprilia SX50: £ 3400: best 50cc bikes

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc 10

The Italian brand Aprilia is not limited to the 50 sporty-style exotics. The SX is a true puffing supermoto-style machine, that is, a vertical motocrosser but with street wheels, tires, brakes, etc., but based on the same high-spec rolling chassis as its RS4 sibling.

That means the SX has an identical double-beam aluminum frame and a liquid-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine, but this time with conventional, longer-travel Marzocchi forks up front and all wrapped up in super-sexy supermoto bodywork. . . Again, the SX isn’t cheap at all, but the supermoto 50s aren’t any more attractive.

Derbi Senda DRD Extreme 50: £ 3395: 50cc sports bikes

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc 11

Spanish firm Derbi has always been known for its light spicy weights, be it sports bikes, trailies or superbikes, and the same is still true today.

Now like Aprilia, under Italian ownership by Piaggio, their machines are as daring as ever, although they now share many parts with their partner Aprilia. The Senda DRD Extreme 50 is your trail / supermoto 50 family and comes in a variety of shapes. They all have double frames, two-stroke engines, and delicious styling.

Rieju RS3 NKD: £ 2,999: 50cc sports bikes

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc 12

Rieju is another Spanish manufacturer specializing in light weight, known for its sports, trail and naked bikes, all featuring Yamaha-derived Minerelli liquid-cooled, liquid-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engines in a double-perimeter mast frame. The NKD is the ‘naked’ version of your RS3 sportster and as such is not only cheaper (as it has no fairing) but also more upright and easier to drive, without losing any of its sporty flair and performance.

WK Colt 50: £ 1,399

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc 13

New for 2017, and destined to be popular due to its style and price, is this new Colt 50 from Chinese manufacturer WK Bikes. Already popular in continental Europe, the Colt is a cute-looking, Honda Grom / MSX125-inspired, easy-to-drive minibike powered by an air-cooled four-stroke engine and featuring a tubular lattice frame and LCD dash. It is also tantalizingly cheap!

The 5 best 50cc scooters: best 50cc scooter value for money

Zip Piaggio: £ 1700: 50cc sports bikes

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc 14

Not as cheap as it used to be, the long-lasting, small-wheeled Zip 50 from Italian scooter giant Piaggio is still a decent value and a tempting option. Despite the small 10-inch tires, the Zip has great handling and has been a popular racer – both Leon Haslam and James Toseland started their careers at Zips. What’s more, it is robust, there are many accessories available, and being small it is also child’s play.

Peugeot Speedfight 4: £ 2099-2349: best 50cc scooters

Top 10: Best Motorcycles and Scooter 50cc …

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